Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our Little Social Butterfly

Kaylani has more friends than we do. Well, that's not entirely possible since we're friends with all of Kaylani's friends parents, but Kaylani is quite the little social butterfly. And without her, we're not even sure what we would have done.

Actually, I can tell you exactly what we would have done. We probably would have been unhappy and friendless in Lawrenceville (which is not quite as catchy as Sleepless in Seattle). That's kinda what happened to us in Orlando. We lived there for a year, but since neither of us really worked in the area, we didn't meet any friends and ended up not leaving anyone (or anything) behind. But things are different now with Kaylani.

We moved to Lawrenceville just about 11 months ago and only had 1 friend in the area at the time. But since then, we've met a lot of couples that we hang out with, and every single one of them has a child around Kaylani's age. And every single one of them we met because of Kaylani. Whether it was at a birthing class, or through Church, or through a post-natal exercise class, they all center around Kaylani.

It's funny how having a baby makes you social. Even without being actively social, having a baby makes people talk to you. And when people with babies talk to each other, you build that friendship. No matter how different the people are, they'll always have at least one thing in common, and that's lack of sleep, I mean, being a parent.

I'm a shy person by nature, which most of you will find unbelieveable, but it's true. I'm shy around people I don't know, and completely outgoing around those people I do know. Luckily for me, Kaylani has no problems being outgoing around complete strangers. So from here on out, the plan is to let Kaylani take the lead, and I'll follow her. And that's just another reason why I couldn't be any happier to have her in my life.

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