Thursday, February 19, 2009

You gotta be flexible!

Flexibility is pretty important, and something that Daddy does not have. He's not flexible when it comes to schedules or timing, and he's definitely not flexible when it comes to his body. Kaylani, on the other hand, is flexible in both regards. She couldn't care less about a schedule or being on time (she got that from Mommy). But where she really shows off her flexibility is when she grabs her toes.

It's her newest trick, and it started about a week ago. Lately, she's getting even better at it and will spend a few minutes just grabbing her toes and rolling from side to side. It's really adorable to watch, and we wish it was warmer out so she doesn't always have to wear socks or onesies with feet all the time! Actually, I just wish it was March already so we can head to Puerto Rico! In PR, she'll be able to play with her toes all the time (as long as she's out of the sun that is)!

To grab her toes, it's really cute to watch her lift both her legs (and her butt) up towards the sky. Then, when her feet get high enough in the air, she grabs them with one or both of her hands, and just rolls side to side. Daddy, thinking that her rolling side to side while grabbing her feet/toes will help her roll over from her back to her belly, tries to help sometimes by pushing her. And when he does that, she either flops over on her belly or immediately straightens up so that she's flat on her back. And when she straightens up, it's almost like she's saying "stop pushing me!"

The downside to her finding her toes is tht she finds them in the middle of the night too. Maybe she did this pre-video monitor, but now that we have it, it's kinda fun to see her grab her toes in the privacy of her own crib. It of course means she's not sleeping, but if she's quiet in her crib, no complaints coming from here! She also finds them when we're changing her diaper, which is usually helpful, except when we have blowouts. Then it's not really that helpful!

Anyways, the last couple of posts have been kinda long, so I'll make this one short. But, since it ties in so well with this post, here are pictures from the last 2 days so you can see her in all her toe grabbing cuteness! Enjoy!

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Jeph said...

Adorable! What a cutie-pie! We miss her!