Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Chinese New Year to Remember

Our weekend in Boston concluded with a Chinese New Year celebration at Saint James Church in Chinatown. We've gone to this celebration a few times over the last few years, but this was the first one we've been to since we were married and obviously the first since we've had Kaylani. Like all things that we've done with and without Kaylani, it was different, but in a good way.

Not only did Kaylani get to wear a gorgeous red Chinese dress that Yin Yin bought her, but she also got a little bit richer. As part of Chinese New Year, single people (mainly kids) get to go around to any married couple and say "Kung Hay Fat Choi", and in return, they receive a "lai-see", or lucky red envelope filled with money. Since this was our first celebration while being married, we were all of a sudden on the giving end instead of the receiving. But, Kaylani was on the receiving end, so all in all, we made out pretty well. Okay, "we" did not make out well, but Kaylani sure did. If I was more concerned about "recouping my losses", I could have taken some from Kaylani's stash, but we're also pretty good about making sure Kaylani's money is her money.

Unfortunately we missed the lion dance (or scary lion dance as Cousin Connor called it), and the martial arts display because Kaylani had to nurse, but we did get to see some funny speeches that involved white people speaking in Chinese, and some good authentic Chinese food. And of course, we got some good quality family time in there as well before we had to make the drive home.

The drive home ranked 2nd best in terms of time (5.5 hours), but probably 3rd overall. Again, we pushed Kaylani a bit too far since she had been awake for 5 hours by the time we got in the car, and she cried a few times. The worst part was she woke up for the second time with only 45 minutes left in the trip which meant we were so close but so far. Luckily she nursed quick, pooped quick (and cleanly) and we were back on our way to Rob and Jen's house for some Super Bowl fun (and was only an hour late).

All in all, this Chinese New Year definitely ranks among the top of my Chinese New Year experiences, and that's of course because of the wonderful family I have, from my beautiful daughter and wife all the way to my loving parents, sibling (and sibling in laws), nieces, and nephews. A special thanks to my family for spending the new year with us, and also to Rob and Jen for feeding us after a long drive home (go Steelers!)

And most of all, thanks to Kaylani for being such a great girl and sleeping most of the car ride, not having any blow outs, and for staying asleep in the always tricky car seat to crib transition once we finally got her home tonight. To wrap up the weekend, I'm going to head to bed, but for all of you, don't forget to check out pictures from the last 4 days. Good night!

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