Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Roll it!

This morning Kaylani rolled over (tummy to back) for the very first time! It happened while Mommy was at her "Mommy and Me" exercise class and it brought tears to her eyes when she saw this milestone occurring in front of her. Everyone in the class applauded and then watched as Kaylani did it four more times on her own! I only wish I could have been there.

Sadly, Daddy was in NYC for work today, so he didn't get to see Kaylani's first ever tummy to back rollover. The NYC part is irrelevant because I could have been in the office, or even at home, and I still wouldn't have seen it. But that's okay because I was just happy to hear that Kaylani rolled over. That means his little girl is developing her muscles and coordination just fine, and that's what is really important!

Being able to watch Kaylani roll over would have been pretty cool. Mommy, knowing that Daddy would be a little sad and that he would want to see it, tried to get Kaylani to repeat her performance when they got home. The video camera was all set, her rolling area ready, and everything was primed for Kaylani to roll over for the history books (or at least our video library). But just like a few nights ago with our attempt to record Kaylani laughing, she got stage fright.

I'm starting to get convinced that she knows she's being videotaped. After I got home today, we tried again to watch her roll over, and of course tried to videotape it so we could share it with the world. But after 30 minutes of recorded tummy time, Kaylani was still on her tummy. She came close a few times, and even propped herself up on her arms and looked at the video camera, but no roll over. The show would not go on. Not tonight at least.

So Daddy still hasn't seen Kaylani roll over, but listening to Mommy describe it is good enough to hold me over for a few more days. Hopefully she'll do it one of these days for Daddy to see with his own eyes, but there's no rush. After all, once she can roll over, she moves into the first phase of mobility. And a mobile baby will change life as we know it pretty significantly. Or so I've heard.

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