Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Growing Pains

Kaylani is going through her own episode of Growing Pains (and I don't mean she's talking to Mike Seaver or his idiot friend Boner). At least, that's what we think she's going through. She's almost 3 months old (would actually be 3 months old today if she came out on time), and from everything I've read, she's going through another growth spurt.

Our initial thought was actually that she was teething, but 3 months is REAL early to be teething since a first tooth typically comes in the 6 to 9 month range. You can't blame us for thinking it was teething since she drools more than Daddy (who drools like a leaky faucet), she constantly chews on her hand (or her arm, or our fingers, or our arms), and she had a low grade fever a few days ago (anything under 101 degrees). She's also been fussy, not eating well, and not sleeping the 6-8 hours that we've grown accustomed to. But upon further research, it's probably not teething.

What it does seem to be is just another growth spurt. Signs of a growth spurt are being hungrier (which she is since she cries for Mommy to nurse her every 2 hours or so instead of a little bit longer), being fussier (which means she cries if she's not being held constantly), and sleeping a bit more (she's not sleeping as soundly, but I guess she's sleeping more). And, the main reason we think it's a growth spurt is because all of our books and websites say that it happens at 3 months.

Now, don't get us wrong, we want her to go through growth spurts (well sometimes Mommy doesn't because she's getting too big too fast, but that's besides the point). The problem with this latest growth spurt is that Kaylani has completely spoiled us over the last 3 months. We've all slept so well that having to wake up every 2-3 hours is painful. It's like we're back in the hospital those first few days. Okay, it's not THAT bad, but it's much worse then sleeping for an average of 6 hours every night.

Another downside to this latest growth spurt is that she was really fussy all day today. Normally that's bad enough when it's just Mommy, but since Yin Yin was here, it was even worse. Yin Yin being home with Mommy was supposed to be a win win for everyone, but it turned out to be a cry cry. Mommy, who was up most of the night with Kaylani, didn't get to rest during the day because Kaylani wanted Mommy and only Mommy. She didn't want Daddy's Mommy, which was sad since Daddy's Mommy wanted Kaylani's Mommy to rest so she could be a good Grandmommy and take care of Kaylani while Kaylani's Mommy rested. Phew...got all that?

Anyways, we're hoping that the growth spurt wraps up soon and Kaylani gets back to her regularly scheduled routine. Actually, it will be a slightly different routine since tonight marks the first night that she's going sleep completely unswaddled. She won't even have a blanket, but instead is all tucked into a one piece sleep sack. You can see pictures of it tonight, but only a few since it was bedtime and not picture time. And we're about to find out what type of night it is since Kaylani's done nursing for now. We sure hope that a sleep sack is every bit as comforting as an old fashioned swaddle. The only thing we're sure of at this point is that it was a whole lot easier to get her into it, and a whole lot harder for her to get out of it. For now at least.

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