Monday, February 23, 2009

So tired at home...

Kaylani's fever was all gone by this morning, but the side effects of her fever were still hanging around just a little bit. She woke up every hour last night with the highest fever being 100.6, but since then, it's been back to normal between 98.4 and 99.4. But just because her temperature was back to normal doesn't mean that she was back to normal.

Daddy went back to work today which left Mommy with Sicky Baby Duty (and sicky baby doody) all by herself. Like I said though, Kaylani wasn't actually sick, but just had a few of the side effects. And those side effects included being fussy, not eating all too well, and just wanting to be held the entire time she was awake. It doesn't sound like that big of a deal, but having experienced it first hand for a little bit on Sunday allows me to understand just a little bit of what Mommy went through today.

When Kaylani wasn't being fussy, she was napping. And she napped pretty well today, but that's probably because she was sleeping off the rest of her fever, just like she did on Sunday. But unlike Sunday, it was just Mommy home by herself. She couldn't play cards with Daddy, or read a magazine, or just talk with him. Instead, she was just home with either a fussy baby or a sleeping baby.

It's days like these that really make me understand what it's like to be a stay at home mom. Actually, it's days like Sunday that make me understand. It's days like today that make me appreicate Mommy even more since she does this every day. Days when Kaylani is being fussy or when she's sleeping a lot are long days. Long days that seem even longer when you stare at the clock and watch the minutes tick by.

The point is that Mommy is the best because she does what she does every day, and she doesn't even complain about it (well, not much at least). She doesn't complain about it because she loves Kaylani as much as possible and would do anything for her. So if it's sitting there staring at a clock while Kaylani takes a nap, or holding her for hours at a time because she won't take a nap, then that's what she does. And for that, Mommy will always be #1 in my eyes. Kaylani's a very close #2, but Mommy is my #1. Okay fine, maybe Mommy and Kaylani are tied for #1. Either way, I love them both as much as I ever could. And that's something that will never change.


Tommy said...

I think Brendalys is very lucky to have you for a husband. She must like reading these posts a lot.

JonnyTam13 said...

I remind her how lucky she is everyday. I don't recommend doing that when you get married by the way.