Friday, May 8, 2009

Sit, Baby, Sit...Good Girl!

Today is Kaylani's 6 month birthday (in case you didn't recognize the standard picture with sign). In previous months, she would show us something new on her birthday, like when she laughed on her 3 month and 4 month birthday. So this month, we were hoping it would be something real good. Maybe she would sit, or crawl, or learn how to ride a bike! But alas, none of that happened.

We've been waiting for her to sit all by herself for quite some time. Because she's sat by herself for more than 10 seconds at some point in her life, she got a "check" on her baby scorecard at the pediatrician's last week. But in order for her to get to the next level, she's going to have to sit for way longer than 10 seconds. Her next check-up isn't for 3 months, but we're training her to sit much earlier than that.

Tonight she lasted the longest that I've seen her...unassisted at least. She sat for 17 seconds all by herself (and pretty straight up) on the changing table. Some may say that the changing table probably isn't the best place to teach her how to sit, but don't worry, I was right there with my arms all around her. She actually spends quite a bit of time sitting, whether it's in her high chair, or her bumbo, or just propped up against some pillows. But just like a trapeze artist, she's going to have to learn how to operate without a net.

Mommy and Daddy have very different methods of training her to sit. One of us lets her sit up, and when she flops over, let's her flop slowly to the ground. The other one watches over her like a hawk and grabs her as soon as she wobbles. I won't mention which is which, but I'm sure you can figure it out on your own.

Bottom line is that we can't wait until she can sit up, no matter how she learns. In fact, for the very first time right now, she just pulled herself up to a sitting position while she was laying across Mommy's lap! We won't count it just yet, but I think she' swell on her way. And that means it's just one step closer to her being that much older. Sure her 6 month birthday is a milestone all by itself, but we'll keep measuring her by her physical milestones. So for now, she's rolling, drooling, talking, laughing, eating months old. And if you don't know how old that is, then maybe you can figure it out from these pictures from the last couple of days. Have a great weekend, and Happy Half Birthday Kaylani!


john said...

happy 6 months

Jay Ramirez said...

Now that she can sit, you can get this:

ciara said...

every baby develops differently. my son was a late walker (over a yr old), but he RAN instead of walked lol my girls were walking by the time they were 8 & 9 mos. so you never can tell. but it's always fun to see them do these milestones for the first time no matter how old they are :)

JonnyTam13 said...

@john - Thanks!

@Jay - Only in Texas. Only in Texas.

@Ciara - Can't wait until she can walk. Afraid of when she can run. Better get in shape now!