Saturday, January 31, 2009

Baby Visiting Hours

When we moved back up North from Orlando 2 years ago, we spent many a weekend coming up to Boston. On average, it was probably twice a month that we would make the trip. And usually, twice a month was enough for us to make the rounds and see everyone we wanted to. But since Kaylani, that's all changed.

We've been up here twice in the last 2 weeks, but that trend is not one that will continue. Our tentative plan is to come up every once every 4 to 6 weeks to visit. But it's not the frequency of visits that will be the most drastic change. Instead, it'll be the way we spend our time during our visits.

It's a lot harder to go house to house on a whim now that Kaylani is here. Before we commit to any plans, we have to make sure that Kaylani can get some sleep and there's time and a place set aside so she can nurse. But like today showed, it's hard to plan around Kaylani.

Kaylani woke up at 7:30 am today after only 5.5 hours of sleep (it was a late night last night). And instead of putting her right back down as we normally would have, we chanced it and headed over to Titi Glenda's house. She slept for maybe 30 minutes total by 11:30am, and then it was time for lunch with my family. After lunch, we went to visit Titi Mayte for a bit before heading to Target for a quick errand then home. By 3:30pm, Kaylani had been awake for 7 hours, and asleep for 1 combined, which is not a good ratio. The rest of the day was spent trying to get Kaylani to nap (and playing Guitar Hero World Tour). It was 8:30pm when she finally went to bed for the night. A long day for her turned out to be a short day for us.

We saw 3 "groups" of people in our first "social" visit to Boston, and tired Kaylani out in the process. Unfortunately, we have about 10 "groups" of people in the Boston area that we'd like to see when we come up! And if we're gonna find time for them every 4-6 weeks, we're gonna have to figure out a better baby schedule for Kaylani's visiting hours. And if we don't, we're gonna get ourselves in a lot of trouble and Kaylani will be leading the way.

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