Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kisses or Fishes?

I'm pretty sure we're about to start a really fun time in Kaylani's life. It's just a hunch, but I think Kaylani's at the stage where she can really start to mimic the things that we do. I thought we might have been there a few weeks ago when she started saying "plbbbbbbbbbbbt" (which is just a cute way of saying she's spitting at us), but now I'm almost positive she's copying us.

We spend a lot of time kissing Kaylani. We kiss her on her head, her cheek, between her eyes (which is a nightly routine to help her eyes get real tired), her hands, her belly, and pretty much everywhere else. But something much more fun is to blow kisses at her from a distance. We have lots of nieces/nephews/friends that do it and it's always so damn cute. But from a completely impartial, unbiased opinion, I think Kaylani does it the cutest.

Just yesterday, Mommy was holding Kaylani and blew kisses at her from not very far away. All of a sudden, Kaylani started doing the same thing over and over again. Her cute little cheeks were moving up and down and in and out which forced that kiss-like smacking noise to come out. Then she would stop and look at Mommy, who would of course blow some more kisses back at her which Kaylani would then respond to. It's hard to say if she was actually blowing kisses or pretending to be a fish, but either way, it was pretty much one of the cutest things I've ever seen her do, and it's carried over into today too.

It's like she gets cuter and cuter each day, and I can't wait to see what she does next. Maybe this is why she couldn't sleep last week. Maybe she was learning how to blow us kisses. And if that was it, then it was worth it (but if she wants to learn to sit up or crawl, that'd be fine too). We'll keep an eye out to see what other new tricks she can learn, but because she loves blowing kisses so much, she didn't get camera shy on me. Check out Kaylani's latest video blowing kisses at Mommy below. And when you're done watching, click on over to my Sports IllustraDad column on the Dad-Blogs to read about my first Little League team win! Enjoy!


Tommy said...

I learned lip reading last summer and I am pretty sure that translates to "Yank ees Suck"

JonnyTam13 said...

I'm pretty sure she said YOU suck

Tommy said...

I need my diaper changed.