Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sorry, We're Closed

I'm going to talk about something that I know very little about: Nursing. I haven't done it since I was a baby and frankly I don't remember it anyways. I've definitely never nursed Kaylani either and lucky for me, she's never tried to nurse from me. But I do see a lot of nursing going on. Let me clarify, I do see Kaylani nursing quite often (just wanted to make it quite clear that I don't spend a lot of time watching other moms nurse their babies). And there are certain things I can see which means I'm highly qualified to talk about them.

There are times when Kaylani's not all too interested in nursing. She'll nurse for a minute, then pop off to see what's going on around her. Then maybe go back for a bit, and then right back out. It's like the girl doesn't want to miss a thing. When you think about it, it's kinda cute. At least to me it is. To Mommy, not so much.

This is where I cross over from what I see to what I hear. I can see Kaylani turning her head in then out over and over again, but I have no idea what that feels like. However, Mommy does tell me about it. More specifically, she tells Kaylani to cut the crap or she's gonna get fired. Apparently it doesn't feel that good. So after a few drive by nursings on Kaylani's part, Mommy calls it quits for a minute and closes shop.

The funny part is that Kaylani has no idea that she's been cut off until she turns back for her next shot. It's kinda like being cut off at a bar. You think everything is going just fine and you're just having a good time checking things out, but then when you go back for another round, you're persona non grata. Most people in this situation would cause an uproar. Scream, shout, make crazy arm motions to try and get your point across that you didn't deserve to be cut off. Well, Kaylani's no different in that regards.

Unlike the drunks at the bar, Kaylani doesn't get cut off for the night very often. It usually takes a few minutes of calming her down before she's ready to nurse for real. And on good days and nights, she'll have learned her lesson and not take any quick shots. She knows better so she'll stock up like a chipmunk in the winter just in case the shop closes on her again. Or on bad nights like tonight, she'll be content not nursing and just stare at Mommy or Daddy with a big ol' grin on her face instead of nursing. The glow of Papi's face in the laptop might just be too compelling for her to nurse, so I guess I should wrap it up. So move along now. We're closed.


Rina said...

Kaylani's never tried to nurse from you? I think Harris wishes the same were true for him and Conner.... :)

Tommy said...

This post is hilarious. It just is. The whole thing.