Monday, May 18, 2009

Little Dipper

Astronomy is not something that I know anything about. I can't tell you where the North Star is, where the Big Dipper or Little Dipper are, or even where Uranus is (tee hee). But to me, Kaylani is my Little Dipper. She doesn't look like a small connect the dots spoon, but she does this funny little motion when we give her a teething ring that looks like she's dipping it in something.

Now that she can sit by herself, she has full use of her arms. That means she doesn't have to worry about falling over when she grabs something and puts it in her mouth. It also means that she can put things in and out of her mouth as she pleases just because. And whenever we give her one of her little teething rings, she'll shove it in her mouth for a few seconds to relax her gums, but then pull it out and bang it on the ground a few times for good measure before putting it back in.

If you can't picture what I'm talking about, it's pretty comparable to the way you would treat a chicken mcnugget (not just any chicken nugget, but a chicken MCnugget). So whenever you're about to eat a chicken mcnugget, you take it, dip it into BBQ sauce, sweet and sour sauce, or my personal favorite, honey mustard sauce. After a few dips, you shove it into your mouth next to the other 3 that you're still chewing and move on. Now picture Kaylani sitting up in the middle of a blanket. And then imagine a giant container of opened sauce next to her, and she's holding a chicken mcnugget shaped teething ring. Got it?

When you see her in person, it really looks like she dipped the teething ring in something since it's always covered in some sort of liquid, which in this case is obviously her own drool (or "baba" in Spanish). This dipping process will go on for 5-15 minutes depending on when she gets bored of playing with the same chicken mcnugget, I mean, teething ring. It's pretty cute to watch, or pretty gross if baby baba isn't your thing. Luckily for us, baby baba is our thing. Well, as long as it comes from our baby. Other babies? Now that's just gross.

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