Friday, May 22, 2009

Little Skydiver

I feel like Kaylani is on the verge of becoming mobile. I'm not 100% certain and I'm probably closer to 100% wrong, but I just have a feeling like she's about to move. Maybe she's not going to go into a 4 point crawl, but maybe, just maybe she'll do an army crawl, or a scoot (forward or backward...doesn't matter to us). Every day she just seems to get that much closer.

For example, this morning she pushed herself up in the air by extending her arms fully while she was laying on her belly. And the other day, she was kicking her legs out like a little frog after she fell over on one of our stuffed bears. But so far, she hasn't moved an inch (other than side to side). What's funny about watching her try and move is that more often than not, she does the opposite of move.

The opposite of move is obviously to stay still. And when you're laying on your belly, one way to stay still is to get all your limbs in the air so you balance right on your belly. And whenever she does that, she looks like she's skydiving. It's one of the funnier things she does because it really is the opposite of move. Not only is she not going towards (or away from) her toy, but she's in the same exact spot wobbling around on her belly.

If I could get her to do this with a backpack on, you'd see it even more. Sometimes her arm flails around like she's reaching around for the ripcord, but usually she's just in her freefall mode. We were pretty lucky to be able to grab a few pictures of her in this pose, so check them out in addition to the last couple of days. As for us, we're off to Baltimore for the weekend. Enjoy the long weekend, but don't forget to check back in! We'll be live from Baltimore from the next few days. Or as live as a blog can get at least. Oh, and if you're here for Fatherhood Friday, read the next post down. I cheated and posted yesterday. But Happy Fatherhood Friday!

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