Sunday, May 17, 2009

Did somebody ask for a sitter?

I'm proud to announce that we have ourselves a little sitter (we also have ourselves a little something that sounds like sitter but has an "H" in it, but that's not the purpose of today's post). For the past 3 days, she's been sitting for minutes at a time, and quite often during the day (again, this could apply to that other thing with an "H", but I'm still talking about sitting). I was a little hesitant to outwardly proclaim my little girl a sitter, but I'm hesitant no more!

It's actually pretty amazing how well she sits, and how quickly things change in her life. I mean, just 9 days ago, the longest she could sit was for 17 seconds, and in reality, she sat for 2 seconds, and wobbled for 15. Now, she can sit in the middle of a room, a bed, or her pack and play all by herself for minutes at a time. In fact, she can sit for so long that I can't even tell you the maximum amount of time she's sat for (the more I write, the more I realize that all of this can be revised to be about the "H' thing...)

Sure she still falls over from time to time, but it's pretty rare. We're not 100% condnt in her sitting where we'll leave her in the middle of a bed unattended, or even in the middle of a room unattended, but I think she's a pro. What we're hoping for next is for her to go mobile and start crawling. For now, we'll be happy with her sitting and worry about her crawling some time in the future. Gotta think in baby steps...or baby sits as the case may be.

So while we wait for her to start crawling, check out pictures from the last couple of days. There are plenty more pictures of her sitting up. And after looking at these pictures, I sure wish I had a posture as straight as hers. Or if not that, I wish I was as flexible as she was too. Frankly, I just wish I was as young as her!


Daddy Files said...

Congrats. The milestones just start going by in a blur from here on out. It's pretty exciting.

Otter Thomas said...

Congrats on having a sitter. Our son just started sittin a week or so ago. He is very close to crawling now. He can get around but it's not pretty.