Monday, May 4, 2009

Go Green!

Everyone's going green nowadays. From bigger things like hybrid cars down to smaller things like using less paper, everyone is doing their part to go green for the environment. Well Kaylani's decided to go green too, except it has absolutely nothing to do with the environment.

We made the switch from sweet peas to green beans tonight, and it couldn't have come a minute too soon. Judging from Kaylani's appetite the last 3 days, she hasn't been the biggest fan of sweet peas, and I can't say I blame her. Her sweet peas tasted like crap. Have you tasted sweet peas baby food? It tastes like raw, mashed up sweet peas. I barely eat them cooked, let alone raw and there's a reason why. And not only that, but it made her actually crap. Remember that whole Hershey Kiss thing? Yeah, forget about that. It was more like mini Twix bars. Luckily there were no little peas in there...or at least none that we could see.

Needless to say, the green beans were a welcome change. You can tell Kaylani liked them more too because she didn't make that scrunched up, disgusted face when we gave her a spoonful of green beans. In fact, she liked green beans so much that we couldn't feed her fast enough. And do you know what happens when you try and feed a hungry baby faster? get a mess.

So Kaylani went green tonight from head to toe. Actually, Kaylani only went green around her mouth, and maybe a bit up her nose (or were those mocos/boogers? Hard to say...). But Kaylani did her part to get others to go green with her. Going green is about spreading the word, and when Kaylani sneezed with a mouth full of food, she spread the word alright. She spread it in a very green way.

Now it's time for her to go to bed. We're hoping she ate enough green beans and is nursing well enough right now so she'll actually sleep 11 hours. We're also hoping that it was the sweet peas fault that she cried from 12-1am last night. It just goes to show that nothing good comes from eating peas. But, to do my part in going green, I've posted new digital pictures of Kaylani from the last handful of days so check them out. There's her first sweet peas, her first green beans, her sitting up for roughly 10 seconds, Mia, and much much more. But please consider the environment before you decide to print one of those pictures. Thanks!

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