Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why are you crying?

So Daddy had his final regular season game of the Little League season tonight, but since we got blown out 16-1, we're not going to focus on that at all. Plus, all 6 teams make the playoffs so in actuality, tonight's game meant nothing. But nothing bothers me more than when my team doesn't show up to play. And to top it all off, it was a bad Kaylani night too.

Mommy put Kaylani down around 7:30pm for the first time, and that's when the night went downhill. As usual, she whimpered for a few minutes which is her way of falling asleep, but tonight it was different. She didn't stop whimpering and she definitely didn't fall asleep. What she did do is cry for the next hour, even when Mommy went in. She tried to nurse her again, hold her, rock her, nurse her, anything her, and none of it worked. When Daddy got home a little after 8:30pm, she was still crying (Kaylani, not Mommy...although it's hard to say).

We couldn't find a reason why she was crying. She was crying while she was on the changing table. She was crying when we held her. She cried when we walked her. She cried when we tried to give her Tylenol. She even cried when we gave her a turtle rattle. I mean, who cries at a turtle rattle? It was the oddest thing, but she finally calmed down after about 10 minutes of walking her. Even though she didn't have a fever, we slipped her some Tylenol anyways in case she was teething. Finally, after 10 minutes of nursing (which brought Mommy up to a total of 70 minutes of nursing within 2 hours), she was calm. Not asleep, but calm.

We made the decision to put her in her crib. She was dry, fed, drugged up on Tylenol, and really tired, so there was nothing more we could do for her. And when there's nothing more we can do, that means it's time for her to cry it out. But Kaylani decided that Daddy and Mommy had enough for the day, and promptly passed out. So after a night of crying, she's asleep. Hopefully she's down for the night. If she's not, then we're going to need to find somethign much stronger than a turtle rattle...for us!

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Otter Thomas said...

I love baby tylenol. Sometimes you just need drugs.