Monday, May 11, 2009

Sleeping through the noise

The past few nights have been challenging for us. Kaylani has decided that she would rather scream for 2 hours at night instead of sleeping, which means of course that Mommy and Daddy lay awake in bed listening to her. Over the weekend, Kaylani is manageable without sleep because there are two of us with her. But today, Mommy was left to deal with a non-sleeping, over tired Kaylani all by herself. Well, all by herself plus 4 contractors who came to fix our basement water problem.

If I had to describe the ideal support system to help Mommy get through a potentially long day, it would probably not include four contractors, 2 jackhammers, 180' of piping, 2 new sump pumps, a "dust vacuum", and a truck full of stone, but that's what Mommy got today. Needless to say we were a bit worried about how Kaylani would (or would not) nap with all the chaos (pronounced "cows" if you're Mommy) going on in the house. But again, Kaylani surprised us.

Kaylani was up for the day around 8am (after crying between 12-2am, and waking up again at 6), which meant naptime should have been around 11am. The contractors showed up at 9:30am, and after setting up, they were ready to start jackhammering around 11am. Great. And surprise surprise, Kaylani fell asleep just fine. With all the noise, all the jackhammering, all the craziness, she slept. Like a log in her swing. For 2 hours, which is a great morning nap!

Daddy had plans to work from home in the afternoon just in case Mommy and Kaylani needed to get out of the house, but wouldn't you know it, she napped for 1.5 hours again in the afternoon in her swing. With all the noise and the cows, I mean chaos. So here we are at 8pm and she's out again. It doesn't look like she's going to wake up and finish nursing so I better wrap it up. Let's hope she's back on schedule now. Or worst case, let's hope she can handle the cows tomorrow too. Mooooooooooo.


Tommy said...

Did you get yourself a french drain?

Otter Thomas said...

Good for you. Our son is a pretty good sleeper but there is no doubt he could not sleep through all that cows.