Sunday, May 10, 2009

So excited for Mother's Day!

We were all looking forward to Mommy's first official Mother's Day. You would think that Mommy would be the most excited, but it turns out that it was Kaylani who was the most excited. And why wouldn't she since she had a big day planned for her Mommy? So of course she was eager to get the day 2:30am.

Once the clock hit midnight, it was officially Mother's Day, despite Mommy's attempts to institute Mother's Weekend. That meant that when Daddy finally heard Kaylani crying through the monitor, it was up and at them. After a quick diaper change and a nursing by Mommy, we headed back to bed. But Kaylani again had other plans. Apparently 2:30am was when Kaylani's Mother's Day plans started and she wanted to spend as much time as possible with her. Finally, at 4am, she decided she could close her eyes for a few hours without missing Mommy too much.

Mother's Day officially started for the second time at 7:30am. After another quick diaper change, Daddy headed downstairs to make breakfast (waffles with fresh fruit and tea), and brought the first of Kaylani's gifts for Mommy upstairs. So instead of just a normal Sunday waffle breakfast, Mommy got to drink tea out of her new "I Love Mami" cup, and get surprised with a 90 minute massage gift card. In addition, Kaylani also got Mommy her very own playroom blanket. Great start to the day!

Next came lunch with Yin Yin, Bat Bat, Auntie Shannon, and Cousins Connor and Zoe and a trip to the park. After a real quick (and uncomfortable) 10 minute nap in the swing, it was time to head back home. Now that I look back on it, it doesn't seem like we did a lot, but we were out and about from 10-4, and since she woke up at 7:30am, Kaylani only slept for 1 hour total, which is not good in the sleep to awake ratio.

Our attempt to get Kaylani to nap once we got home also failed, so Daddy cooked a quick Mother's day dinner (creamy walnut chicken pasta), and served some chocolate chip walnut cookies (baked fresh last night) to wrap up the day. Kaylani had a jar of peas to give the meal some color, and then it was time to end the day.

I think it really just came down to Kaylani being too excited for Mother's Day. She bought Mommy all those wonderful gifts, had a new popsicle dress to wear, got to talk (real loudly) all day about how great her Mommy is, and spend the entire day with Daddy changing her diaper. Wouldn't you be excited about all of that too? So here we are at 7:30pm and she (and both of us) are exhausted. It's time for bed, but all in all, I'd say we had a great first Mother's Day. And if you don't believe me, check out how much fun we're having in these pictures. The smile on Mommy's face says it all. Happy Mother's Day!

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