Friday, January 9, 2009

Baby Bach...or more like Baby Blech

While Mommy was cooking dinner tonight, Daddy and Kaylani were looking for something to occupy our time. More specifically, Daddy was looking for something to occupy Kaylani so he could relax for a few minutes after work. We thought about using the bouncy, or the piano, or maybe the exercise mat, but all of those would have lasted a few minutes, tops. The swing was a good option, but that had to be saved for dinner time so Mommy and Daddy could eat a meal together using both hands. So we looked at the toy shelves and found the Baby Einstein DVD's that Titi Glendalys gave us. Baby Bach was listed as 3+ months, which Daddy figured was close enough.

So Daddy popped in the DVD and we headed for the couch. Ahhh sweet life giving couch. Kaylani took a seat right on Daddy's lap, and off we went. Colors came across the screen, and the soothing sound of some music by Johann Sebastian Bach played. We saw instruments and heard sounds, and saw toys and watched them at work. They zoomed in and things were moving around, and Kaylani seemed to enjoy it. Daddy thought it was a bit boring even though he was the one who was actually 3+ months, but whatever. After all, Kaylani seemed completely focused. He was actually thinking that the only other time he's seen her that focused is when she...plbbbbbbbbbbbbt. Oh.

Relaxation time officially ended at that moment. Not because she was crying (since she wasn't done), but the fact that a poopy diaper change was in the near future meant that relaxation time was over. Instead, we switched to waiting time. Waiting to see what Kaylani would have in her diaper for us tonight. But the question is did Baby Bach make my Baby poop, or was it purely a coincidence? It's a tough call, but I don't really believe in coincidences.

The diaper ended up being normal, so I don't have a good poop story tonight. After we changed her, we went back to Baby Bach. More instruments, more music. More toys, more playing. Some babies, more playing. And then, there was a chicken (who says "bock bock bock" or "bach bach bach"). Little bit odd, but whatever. More instruments, more music. Then a dragon puppet. Okay. Then a squid puppet. Odd. Then more toys, more playing. A lava lamp, pretty cool. Then one of those electric ball things that make your hair stand up, also cool. And more music, then the end.

30 minutes later and we were done, but it left me wondering who came up with these and how these were supposed to help Kaylani develop. What I decided was that they would actually be better for kids who may be high rather than Kaylani right now. But I guess babies like them. I'll always remember the daughter of one of my friends who would just sit quietly for 30 minutes and watch the whole thing. Never understood it, but maybe she was high. Or maybe babies are like stoned teenagers. After all, they do eat, sleep, and poop themselves.

Well whatever the case, I think that Baby Einstein was kinda boring, but I'm sure we'll give it another shot. And if she poops the next time around, then I may have to file a complaint. But if she sits there and smiles along, I won't complain because who doesn't like a good baby smile. And to prove it, here's a video of Kaylani smiling. We've discovered the smile button that's located on her chin, and it's much less painful than watching Baby Bach to get her to smile.


Mr. Sherman said...

Not to rain on the baby parade, but read this!,8599,1650352,00.html

JonnyTam13 said...

I knew it! Stupid Baby Einstein...