Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Future Starts Today

As I watched Barack Obama get sworn in as the 44th President of the United States today, I was filled with hope of a better country for my daughter, and was inspired to write my first political post ever. I was ready to reflect upon the last 8 years and the effects it had on my life, and then talk about the future and how today marked the start of a better world. I was ready to talk about how this was the beginning of change in our country that would benefit millions of people, and my daughter would be one of those millions. I was ready to take a stand and say that I too believe that yes we can. But then, Mommy brought Kaylani into my office and all those thoughts were replaced momentarily.

There are two types of reactions that Kaylani has received. The first is from people who have seen pictures, and their reaction is "She looks so much bigger in pictures. I can't believe how tiny she is!" And that's a fair reaction since I do tend to take very close pictures. It's also a better reaction then "I forget how tiny she is until I see her next to your fat head!" That one makes Daddy feel awesome. The second type of reaction is from people who have never seen her before, and they always say "I can't believe how much hair she has!" Also a fair reaction since she does have quite a head of hair on her, and it's only grown since she was born. It's grown so much that Mommy is even trying to convince Daddy to cut off her split ends, but Daddy's not budging quite yet.

It's funny how people react to you when you have a baby. I walked around the office today and was engaged by at least 4 or 5 people that I've never spoken to before. It's not a bad thing since she does tend to make us more social (Daddy especially), but it's just funny that it takes a baby to make people be social. But I don't blame the people. After all, Kaylani is quite the head turner.

Anyways, it's been a long couple of days and it's late again all of a sudden. But tonight, I'll go to sleep knowing that tomorrow is another day towards a brighter future. And before today, I didn't think that my future could get any brighter. After all, I've already got everything I could ever hope for.

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