Saturday, January 31, 2009

Baby's First Cold

Normally, we're a big fan of Baby's Firsts, but today, we had a first that wasn't something to celebrate. Kaylani had her first fever, sorta. Technically 100.1 degrees doesn't count as a fever (100.4 does), but combine that with her sleeping a lot (even for her), being fussy when she was awake, and not nursing at all means that a temperature of 100.1 was enough to cause us some concern.

As we do with any of our concerns around Kaylani, we called the pediatrician. Luckily, it was only 4:53pm, which meant that the office was still open for at least 7 minutes, and we only live 5 minutes away. Of course, once we got to the pediatrician's office, Kaylani showed no signs of a high temperature (99.2 at the office) and was smiling and playful with the nurse. It was just like taking the car to the shop because of a funny noise only to be told nothing is wrong. Fortunately (and unfortunately), Kaylani didn't nurse at the office so at least we weren't totally paranoid.

So we were sent home with the diagnosis of a little cold and to monitor her to make sure she is getting enough to eat to stay hydrated. No Infants' Tylenol, no luke warm baths, nothing. And if her temperature exceeds 101 degrees or she isn't wetting her diapers, then we should call back. With her fairly clean bill of health, we put Kaylani back in the car and headed up to Boston to celebrate Chinese New Years with the family.

The car ride didn't go quite as well as our first trip to Boston, but it went better then our first trip from Boston. We made it in 6 hours, which included a 45 min stop so Kaylani could nurse, poop, and nurse some more, which was great for everyone. All in all, the day turned out okay since Kaylani isn't really sick. Hopefully, she'll be back to normal tomorrow, but so far, looks like we've survived Baby's First Cold.

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