Monday, January 19, 2009

The Rest Stop

Its been awhile since we've had a good poop story to tell. And its been a while since we've had to make the drive home from Boston. Funny how those 2 things would come together for us today. Funny in retrospect that is. Not so funny during....for Mommy.

It happened halfway into our journey home. It was our very first stop of the trip. In fact, it was the first time we had to stop for Kaylani this entire weekend. It started off innocently enough, with Mommy using the bathroom first. Daddy, being the responsible father that he is, thought he would help out and change her in the backseat so she would be ready to nurse once Mommy got back. Well, part responsible father and part father who wanted to get back on the road as soon as possible.

Changing a diaper in the backseat is not a comfortable thing to do. There's limited space to work with, and its slanted back so Kaylani would keep sliding back and to the right. It took a little work and adjustment, but the diaper was back on, two onesies buttoned back up (not 1, but 2), and pants were on. So far so good, but there was an odd feeling going through my mind that it wasn't quite right. The velcro from the changing mat got caught on the diaper on her way back to an upright position, but there was something out there bigger than that. Whatever it was, Daddy's turn was over, so now it was Mommys turn. Kaylani was almost through her first 10 minutes and then IT happened. This time, IT turned out to be a bit of spit up (or syrup as Cousin Alisha calls it). Well, that's what the initial IT was. IT was followed by a series of fireworks (not the big boom explosion ones, but the longer crackly/sizzly ones). A few more of those and then came the big boom explosion as a finale.

It was a little loud, so Mommy held her up for inspection. A tiny spot was on the back of her pants, but that was enough for Daddy to record a Code Brown. And when the pants came off, it was immediately clear why there was a Code Brown. And that reason was Daddy. Apparently if the diaper is a bit sideways, the coverage isn't as good as if it was on correctly. Oh, and where Daddy describes it as "a bit sideways," Mommy would describe it as "one of her butt cheeks was completely out!" Anyways, when you combine lower coverage with firework type poops, you get a Code Brown.

So Mommy had to change Kaylani again, but this time, she had to remove 2 poop stained onesies, the diaper that bore the brunt of the incident, and do all of this from the uncomfortness of the backseat of our car. After using the majority of our wipes (we had 5 remaining for 3 hours of driving which luckily we ended up not having to use), putting on a brand new outfit, and wiping down the changing mat, we were back in business. Of course, with all the excitement, Kaylani took twice as long to finish nursing as normal, so we stayed at the rest stop for a solid 45 minutes. So much for a quick trip home. Oh, and it was snowing again by the way so we hit traffic the rest of the way too.

All in all, our first trip to Boston consisted of 11 hours of driving time, 13 hours in a car, 165 people at a restaurant, 1 Code Brown, and a whole lot of fun. Kaylani behaved better then we could have imagined during both car rides. So well in fact that the 45 minute poop stop was well worth it since she spent the other 7 hours in the car sleeping. To help you remember/experience it, here are some pictures we took over the last 3 days. Enjoy!


Doug Swist said...

Isn't it amazing how having kids changes your tolerance for dealing with and discussing bodily functions?

JonnyTam13 said...

I haven't noticed a change. I think I might talk a little bit less about bodily functions actually...