Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Embarrasser

Several people have told me that Kaylani is going to be so embarrassed of her dad when she is old enough to read this blog. While that's true, I'm pretty sure that I'll be embarrassing to Kaylani for far more things then just this blog. She's not old enough to realize it yet, but she will very quickly.

Kaylani is only 12 weeks old, and already I can tell she's embarrassed of me. Just today, Mommy, Uncle Tommy, and Auntie Gretchen were out at Triumph having lunch and some beer. Daddy was dared to put his mouth around an entire 5 oz beer and down it in one gulp, and of course he tried. But, being the responsible Dad, I didn't actually drink the beer like that, but I did pose for a few pictures with Kaylani. I could tell she was embarrassed though because she closed her eyes and hid in her carseat. Sure, some people may think she was sleeping. Call it Daddy's intuition, but I'm pretty sure she was just embarrassed instead.

If that's what happens at 12 weeks, I wonder what's going to happen as Kaylani gets a little older and I get a little goofier (if that's possible). Will I be the Dad who does crazy things like run into walls, or juggle various objects, all to get a laugh out of Kaylani and/or her friends? You bet I will! Will I be the type of Dad who tells embarrassing stories of Kaylani to her boy friends (not boyfriends because those aren't allowed)? Sure will! And will I be that Dad who goes to all the school trips and dances and makes stupid jokes all the time all to keep an eye on her? Of course!

In a way, I almost feel bad for Kaylani for all the things that I will put her through. I also hope that Mommy is as strong as she says she is and can actually stop me from going over the top. But keeping me under control would be quite the task for any one person, but if anyone could do it, I guess it would be Mommy. In order to do it, one of two things is going to have to happen. The first, and less likely of the two things, would be to have a talk with me to make sure I understand the repercussions of my actions will be for Kaylani. Since that's not going to work, the other, and very likely of the two, will be to leave Dad behind whenever possible. But until they can do that, I guess both Mommy and Kaylani will both have to deal with The Embarrasser.

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