Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just keep driving

Whoever had "will sleep the entire time" in the pool for "what will Kaylani do on the ride to Boston" wins a prize! She slept the entire time, from 6:15pm to 11:15pm. We stopped for a total of 15 minutes for dinner, coffee, and gas. Well, that's kinda accurate, except when we "stopped" for coffee, we didn't actually "stop". One of us continued to drive around as Kaylani began to stir. To make sure she didn't wake up, we just kept driving.

That was kind of the theme for the ride. Just keep driving. We hadn't made this drive for almost 4 months (Kaylani's baby shower in September was the last time) and that drive was different. With Mommy being 7 months pregnant at the time, that meant we stopped at least 4 times for bathroom and aching body breaks. And now, with Kaylani, we stopped once! What a difference a third of a year makes.

Otherwise, it was a fairly standard drive. We sat, we drove, we slowly felt the numbness creep into our butts, and we watched the time on the clock tick away. There were a few heart stopping moments when Kaylani would cry out, but only for a second. We would stop talking immediately and look back at her to see if we would be taking the next exit, but all we got back in return was silence. So we just kept driving.

When we entered the last 45 minute stretch, that's when we were most afraid she would wake up. After all, it had been almost 5 hours since she last ate. But stopping when we were so close and doing so well would have been a downer. And as always, Kaylani behaved perfectly and let us make it all the way here. Of course, once we got here she sounded the horn to announce her arrival, but that was okay since we were here and I'm not going to talk about it so I don't get another crap post charged to me!

Now its time to see if Kaylani sleeps well in her pack and play. Or maybe she won't sleep at all since she just woke up. But unfortunately, now we can't keep driving. Not until Sunday at least.

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