Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Eating Like Crap

To live a healthy life, we as adults must eat healthy. We must take care of our bodies, especially as we get older. I clearly believe in this since I went to Burger King for lunch (which told me they had no burger meat today and I didn't even think it could have been one of their burger freak-out ads being filmed until after I left). And Mommy, who tries her hardest to eat healthy so that good vitamins and nutrients get passed through to Kaylani, still eats like crap some meals. But eating like crap is something different to Kaylani, and it has nothing to do with what Mommy ate.
Before I get to what that difference is, I wanted to make a quick clarification. "Eating like crap", is not the same as "eating crap", or "eating, like crap." So, when I say Kaylani is "eatling like crap", I don't mean she's eating crap like Mommy did when she was a baby. What's that? You want to know the whole story? Okay, I guess Mommy has no objections. So, when Mommy was a baby, she had her own little diaper blow out in her crib. And Mommy considers herself quite the painter (as evidenced by the paintings she did for Kaylani's room now). Well, babies don't usually get left with paint in their crib, so Mommy improvised and painted her crib with poop. Of course that meant some of it made it into her mouth. All of this just goes to show how much I love Mommy.

Anyways, that's not what Kaylani does...thankfully. But, when Mommy's trying to nurse her and she's being fussy and pulls away a lot, that's when Mommy stops trying to nurse, stands Kaylani up and says "Kaylani, you're eating like crap." Kaylani, who doesn't like to be told she's eating like crap, responds with "plbbbbbbbbbbbbbt", and that's not the sound coming from her mouth. Turns out that the reason Kaylani is eating like crap is actually because she has to crap. Or, maybe she just craps when she hears the word crap, which would be a neat trick. I think they covered something like that in my psychology classes, but since I was sleeping, I can't be sure.

I think this counts as another one of Kaylani's tells. Eating like crap = gonna crap. And that's a pretty important lesson to learn for us. It's also a reminder for us to never try to nurse her without a diaper...not that we ever would do that anyways, but it's a good reminder or lesson for those of you who just don't know.

Kaylani's done crapping for now and she's been napping for a little bit tonight, so we're going to play with her before bedtime (which goes against quietly off to sleep as indicated in Johnson's 3 Step Sleep Routine AND Jon's 10 Step Sleep Routine). As for you, you can enjoy some pictures from the last 2 days since I've gotten over my camera addiction. Good night for now!


Ashley said...

You were doing so good about not posting about poo or crap... and well now it's another crap post : )

Just giving you a hard time.

JonnyTam13 said...

I'll stop posting about crap if you do :)