Saturday, January 10, 2009

Full House

You ever watch Full House back in the day? You know what I'm talking about. The show with Bob Sagat (not as an inappropriate stand-up comedian) as the single dad of two girls, and he lives with his best friend and his brother-in-law? For all you guys, it's also the show where I began my obsession with Lori Loughlin (which is one of the reasons why I watch 90210 now). Anyways, that's kinda what I feel like today.

Since tomorrow is Kaylani's Christening, we've got our own little full house today. Mommy's sister, Titi Glendalys is in town with Kaylani's two cousins, and so is one of Mommy's best friend's, Maria Jimena (who will also be the Godmother/Madrina). One of Daddy's best friends is in town too, Tim, who will be Kaylani's Godfather. So, just to tie back to Full House, I've got my best friend and my sibling-in-law under my roof. Okay, that's the only tie in I have.

But, we really do have a full house. The good thing about having a full house is that we have people we can show Kaylani off to. As an added bonus, Godfather Tim has never held a baby before, so of course we had to break him in. Kaylani, our little pawn in the game we called life, played right along as well. It was within minutes, but Kaylani gave her Godfather a proper Tam greeting and pooped while he was holding her. Of course, since Tim has never held a baby before, that meant that he's also never changed one. And it was only fitting that his Goddaughter would be his first.

Before Kaylani, I would have never claimed to be an expert at changing diapers. As a matter of fact, before Kaylani, I had under 10 diaper changes to my credit, and 9 of them were for my nephew Connor within the first week he was born. But now that I've logged roughly 500 diaper changes in my lifetime, I consider myself some sort of an expert. And I was more than happy to sit back and watch Tim struggle through his first. Actually that's not true, I wouldn't have left Tim on his own...but only because it was my daughter that he was changing!

After 10 minutes, Tim had successfully changed his first diaper, and because he had such a great instructor (me in case that wasn't obvious), he also skipped straight over #1 and changed #2 on his first try. Based on what I saw tonight, from the holding, to the diaper changing, to everything else, I'd have to say Tim and Meredith seem ready to have a kid immediately. I'm sure they think otherwise, but hey, I'll always be the one lobbying for my friends to have kids around the same age as Kaylani.

Alright, well since tomorrow is an early and long day for several reasons (Kaylani's Christening, followed by a brunch, and then followed by the Giants in the playoffs), it's time to wind down and get ready for bed. And to clear room for the absurd amount of pictures we plan on taking tomorrow, here are pictures from the last 2 days. Pay special attention to the "form" that Godfather Tim has while holding Kaylani for the first time. It's the typical "I've never held a baby before but I've been told to hold them like a football but I'm still really uptight" position.


Cindy said...

Three girls! ;o) Dont forget the baby! (Full House Reference)

JonnyTam13 said...

Oh man, my memory is going. Good catch, it IS three girls (and a dog...and a donkey at one point).