Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Great Debate

Today is Kaylani's 2 month birthday (Happy 2 Month Birthday Kaylani!), and I can't believe it's here already. It seems like only yesterday that we were waiting (impatiently) for her to come out. And now, 2 months and 3 lbs later (her weight gain, not mine...although it's close), here we are. Mommy and Daddy have most things figured out, or at least we think we do. We know when she's hungry and how much to give her. We know when she's tired and how to get her to sleep. And we know when she's pooping and how to change her. But there's still something we're not quite sure of. Actually, there's still something that other people aren't quite sure of, and that's why it's The Great Debate.

Asians have strong genes. You can always tell if someone has Asian genes in them even if you can't tell what type of Asian gene it is. In fact, Asian genes are stereotypically so strong that I told Mommy if Kaylani didn't look Asian at all when she was born, she had a whole lot of explaining to do (luckily, she did). For the record, I'm Chinese, which, for all you studiers of biology, makes Kaylani half Chinese. And Mommy, is Puerto Rican, which of course then makes the other half of Kaylani Puerto Rican. But, is she really half and half, and which half is which half? That my friends, is The Great Debate.

The majority of people we've run into say that she's a pretty good mix of both Mommy and Daddy, and I tend to agree with that majority. But, there are people who say she doesn't look a bit Asian, and that's what I find hard to believe. And it's not just Mommy's side of the family that says she doesn't look Asian (okay, it's mostly Mommy's side), but we've had strangers tell us the same. I mean, sure she doesn't have really slanty eyes, or really dark black hair, and isn't in front of a piano or holding a calculator (or abacus), but still, she looks Asian, right?

But for the purpose of this post, we'll just go along with the majority and say Kaylani is a perfect mix of both Mommy and Daddy. And in honor of the birthday of this perfect mix that we've created, here is the "genetic breakdown" of our beautiful little girl:

Head shape: Daddy (because it's big)
Hair: Mommy (because Daddy with that much hair would look like a giant fuzz ball)
Forehead: Mommy (because it's not as long as Daddy's)
Face Shape: Daddy (because it's round)
Ears: Mommy (because she doesn't listen to what I say)
Eyebrows: Daddy (because Mommy had gigantic eyebrows when she was a little girl)
Eyes: Daddy (because she still looks a little Asian)
Smiling Eyes: Mommy (because her eyes don't close when she smiles)
Nose: Mommy (because it's not flat)
Top Lip: Daddy (because of the bump in the middle)
Bottom Lip: Mommy (because it's pouty)
Mouth Shape: Daddy (because Daddy has a small round mouth)
Smile: Mommy (because it's beautiful)
Cheeks: Daddy (because they're HUGE)
Fingers: Mommy (because they're long)
Toes: Mommy (because they're longer)
Legs: Undecided (because they're not thin enough for Mommy's legs, and more normal looking than Daddy's)
Butt: Also undecided (because we don't have pictures of us in diapers...or do we?)

And that concludes today's Great Debate. Of the 18 measured characteristics, she looks like Mommy for 9 of them, Daddy for 7 of them, and 2 of them are undecided. I guess Puerto Rican's have stronger genes than Asians do, at least within the first 2 months. We'll see what happens as she gets older!

But before she does get older, as a birthday gift from Kaylani to all of you, here are pictures of her birthday "celebration" with Mommy today. Enjoy!

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