Sunday, March 8, 2009

Caught on Tape

Today is Kaylani's 4 month birthday, and just like last month on her 3 month birthday, she gave us a laugh. There was a small giggle about a week ago, but other than that, her laugh was nowhere to be found since the first time. For the longest time, we tried everything. We tried raspberries on her belly, tickling her chin and her neck, "eating" her hands and feet, but all to no avail. But today, Mommy had the magic touch.

We had an event filled day with Church, lunch with Sofie (and Rob and Jen), and a trip to the mall for some last minute things for Puerto Rico all before we came home. Kaylani slept about 40 minutes during all of those errands, so we were expecting her to go to sleep pretty quickly once we got home. What we got instead was far better.

Mommy was in the glider with Kaylani getting ready to nurse her before nap time. Daddy was on the computer uploading some pictures from their day at the park yesterday. All of a sudden, he heard a "Paaaa" come from Kaylani's room, and he headed over. That's when he heard it.

It was that magical little giggle coming from his little girl. She was gliding back and forth with Mommy, and just giggling away. Mommy was pretending to eat her hand and just playing with her, and there she was, laughing along with us. I could probably continue describing it, but it's probably better just to show you (that's right! I got it on tape this time)! So, check out the video below (or on YouTube), but don't forget to check out pictures from the last 2 days as well. Maybe this laughing on her birthday thing will be Kaylani's gift to us every month, but we're hoping it happens way more frequently. But if is a birthday thing, then we'll just have another reason to look forward to each month passing by. Happy 4 month birthday Kaylani!

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