Monday, April 20, 2009

20 Questions

We've had a lot of questions come our way since we've had Kaylani (and maybe even before then too, but who can remember those). Some of them are new questions, but a majority of the questions have been asked of us by several people (and sometimes even more than once by the same person). So to help answer any questions that people may have had but haven't asked, here are The Daddy Diaries very first official answers to our very first list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Where'd you come up with her name?
We came up with her name while we were on our honeymoon in Hawaii. And by came up with, I mean saw on a sign while we were cruising around the island...drunk. Just kidding. Kinda. You can read the real story in one of my past posts.

Is she Hawaiian?
Yes. Daddy is Chinese and Mommy is Puerto Rican. The midpoint happens to be Hawaii which makes Kaylani Hawaiian. Funny enough, some people actually think Daddy is Hawaiian, which then makes it a really stupid question since she would clearly be Hawaiian if Daddy was.

Did she have that much hair when she was born?
Kinda. I mean, it's definitely longer now, but she was born with a full head of hair. Heck, she was born with more hair than some of our friends. Especially more hair than Doug.

Do you write this blog everyday?
Sure do! I've actually only missed 3 days since she was born, and 2 of them were while we were in Florida between Christmas and New Years. The other was the 2nd day of her life and Daddy was too busy trying to get comfortable in a hospital chair for the weekend.

Where do you find the time to write a blog everyday?
Kaylani nurses for about 35 minutes every night and it takes me between 10-20 minutes on average to write a post while I sit here next to Mommy and Kaylani. So if you do the math, and factor in the fact that I write most of my posts at work...just kidding anyone from Rosetta who reads this...

Is she a boy or a girl?
In all seriousness, we've been asked it just like that. Is SHE a boy or a girl? No one said these were all good questions.

Does Daddy get upset because she looks just like Mommy?
This may be Mommy's favorite question that she gets asked. Her standard answer is "nope, she looks just like Mommy! Daddy is a taca taca (her phrase for Chinese). Does he look taca taca?" Her second favorite answer is "she looks like her real daddy, but don't tell Jonathan that." But she doesn't use that one much anymore because she knows what's good for her.

How does she sleep?
With her eyes closed. How do YOU sleep?

How many diapers do you change a day?
Depends. No wait, we don't change any Depends. But we do change Kaylani anywhere from 8-12 times per day depending on how many times she wants to poop herself and then how many we actually notice.

Do you speak to her in Spanish and Chinese?
Considering Mommy's Spanish is Puerto Rican Spanish and Daddy's Chinese is practically non-existant anymore, you would think the answer to this would be no. But the answer to this is actually a little bit in Spanish and not at all in Chinese. That's what Yin Yin is for.

What kind of tricks can she do?
Her latest one is mimicking the sounds of an elephant. It's even better when she does it while she's eating food. Carrots especially.

What is her poop like?
For the most part, brownish-green and smells like poop. Lately it's been pasty and stuck between her butt cheeks too. And on special occasions like tonight, it's brownish-green, streaky, and stuck to the bottom of the bath tub and her butt cheeks.

If I pull her onesie up over her head, will I break her?
No, you won't break her if you move her around a little bit. Her little neck is pretty strong already, but if you don't feel comfortable moving her around to change her, then just cut off her onesie with a pair of scissors. And leave $5 on the changing table too.

How old is she?
Right now she's 5 months old. Or 5 months and 2 weeks. Or 23 weeks. Or 165 days. Or a half year old. I'm never quite sure how to answer this one.

Is she your first?
No, she's our second. The other one is home alone playing with knives. Yes, I know that it's actually a fair question, but it doesn't mean I can't be a smartass when I answer it right?

What if she's not a Yankees fan?
That's not even an option and doesn't deserve an answer.

What do you do when she cries?
Turn the volume on the radio/TV higher. I mean, go through the standard checklist of is she bored, tired, hungry, wet, soiled, etc.

Is she teething? Is she hungry? Is she tired?
All 3 of these are questions we get asked a lot, especially if she's crying. The answer to any of them is always "Umm...maybe?" I mean, I always ask Kaylani but she never gives me an actual answer. Maybe I should say it louder and slower. I heard that works for people who don't understand.

If Mommy laughs while she's nursing, will milk come out her nose?
So far the answer to this is no, but I'll keep trying to find out. A couple of times I thought milk was going to come out of Mommy's nose, but so far, nothing yet. Stay tuned.

How many kids are you going to have?
Depends on who you ask. But since this is The Daddy Diaries, the official answer is 2. And if you ask Mommy, she'll give you a far different answer, and that's a whole different post.

So that's it for round 1. Got a question that wasn't covered? Feel free to shoot it over to me and maybe I'll answer it in the next installment of The Daddy Diaries Frequently Asked Questions. Until then, like Kaylani after a long day without a good nap...I'm out!


Mayte said...

Love these especially the question is it a boy or a girl? Alan & I just had flashbacks to when I I went to Beth Israel Hospital for my 6 week checkup after my c-section. A lady asked us if it was a girl? Nolan was wearing blue cloyhes and on top of that he was wearing a blanked that said NOLAN on it. Could it have been more obvious? I know he was born with a lot of hair but that doesn't make him a girl, duhhh...

Tommy said...

I sleep with my eyes OPEN!

JonnyTam13 said...

Tommy, ou sleep with ONE eye open...freak.

And Mayte, I agree with you that people are duhh! Kaylani's usually wearing at least one thing pink, and people still ask!