Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kaylani's First Beer

Before anyone gets carried away, I did not give my daughter beer tonight or any night in the past 5 months. I may have a few pictures of her holding a beer or looking like she was drinking a beer, but she hasn't had beer yet. Tonight though, she had the foundation of beer for dinner. By that, I mean she started barley cereal.

For those of you who don't know, barley is a cereal grain which is typically fermented and brewed when you make beer. So the fact that Kaylani had barley cereal pretty much means she had a beer. Maybe in the end it was more like beer after she fermented it in her stomach (which feels like it's fermenting something with the way it's moving because she hasn't pooped in days). Or even if we don't treat it as beer, it was one step further in her development.

When she had the cereal, she didn't turn "Asian red" which is a good sign. That means she's got Daddy's good drinking genes, and not the "Asian red" gene that the rest of my family has (especially Bat Bat who gets it REAL bad). And speaking of drinking, Kaylani also drank some prune juice out of a sippy cup this morning in an attempt to stimulate poop. It didn't work, but it was still kinda exciting to see her drinking out of a sippy cup.

I think tomorrow we'll throw in some hops to her barley cereal to see if she likes it and then maybe put beer in her sippy cup because it's okay for minors to drink as long as you're in your own home right? Or maybe that's only true in Europe. I guess I'll hold off on the beer for now and stick to the food. After all, we're going to start orange vegetables in 2 days. Can't wait!

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