Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Different Times

So Mommy called me on my way to work this morning which was a bit unusual. Usually she's still sleeping when I leave, but today she was apparently awake and wanted to talk. After a few minutes, that's when she said it. "I'm pregnant." My mouth dropped, my hands tightened around the steering wheel, and I stayed staring straight ahead, completely unaware of my surroundings or the other cars on the highway (if you've seen the episode of Friends where Rachel tells Ross she's pregnant, it was kinda like that).

I babbled a few incoherent thoughts back at her, and couldn't comprehend anything she was saying back to me. None of it made sense to me. How (okay, I actually knew how)? When (knew that one too)? What day was it? Why would that matter? Why was she asking me that? And then, it hit was April Fool's Day, and I was playing the role of the fool.

That was a few years ago, back before we were married and obviously before we knew Kaylani was on the way. It was probably the best (and meanest) April Fools joke that anyone has ever played on me, and to this day, I can still remember everything quite clearly. But now, we're living in different times and the "I'm pregnant" prank just wouldn't work the same way (I might still be freaked out, but not nearly as much). Leave it up to Mommy to come up with something that she knew would have me playing the fool again.

We were in Kaylani's room tonight getting her ready for bath/bedtime. Daddy was changing Kaylani's crib sheet when he heard Mommy say it. "She has a tooth!" Daddy dropped everything and ran over to the changing table, trying to get a good look into Kaylani's mouth with Mommy showing the way. That was quickly followed by "Got you! Happy Fool's Day!" And then Daddy sulked back over to finish changing Kaylani's sheets.

So that's twice now that Daddy has felt like a big time fool, and both times had to do with Kaylani (kinda). Apparently if you want to toy with my emotions, using a baby will work every time. One of these days I'm going to get Mommy back. Not quite sure how, but I will, and it's gonna be great. Then the foolee will turn into the fooler! Oh man, I can't wait until next year now. It's time for me to start plotting, but until then, Happy April Fool's Day!


Rina said...

I like her! :)

JonnyTam13 said...

Yeah...not surprised :)