Saturday, April 4, 2009

Aunts and Uncles

Today was Day 1 of 2 of Kaylani's first Spring tour in Boston. We had an ambitious plan of spending time with 4 couples/groups of Daddy's friends today, and hoped Kaylani would behave well for the. For the most part, she did. And given the circumstances, she did far better than we could have asked for.

After an official bedtime of 12:45am yesterday, and a wake up time of 6:30am, we knew we were in for a long day. We had plans to see Uncle Tommy and Aunt Gretchen, Padrino Tim and Aunt Meredith, and Aunt Jes, Uncle Brian, Aunt Heather, Uncle Bob, and Ben. Kaylani took a few (forced) naps at each stop, but it was the Aunts and Uncles that were the most fun.

Forget the fact that Aunt Gretchen tried to cook Kaylani on the griddle, or Uncle Tommy tried to feed Kaylani a plant, or even that Padrino Tim took a LONG time to change his first poopy diaper. I was more caught up in the fact that Kaylani had all these "aunts" and "uncles" that weren't actually aunts and uncles, just like Daddy does.

I don't mind having Kaylani call my friends "aunt" and "uncle" (or won't mind), but I do think it's a nit confusing. Kaylani only had 2 real uncles (Bat Bat and Tio Pritesh) and 2 real aunts (Titi Glenda and Auntie Shannon), but she'll grow up having way more "aunts" and "uncles." I guess it doesn't really matter in the end, because what she does have is a whole lot of people who love her. Who could (or would) ask for anything more?

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