Monday, April 13, 2009

Seriously...roll over

Remember a few nights ago when Kaylani rolled over from her back to belly in the middle of the night, then rolled back over onto her back all by herself, which led to 11.5 hours of sleep for her? Yeah, that was awesome. And then you remember when Kaylani rolled over onto her belly and got stuck there and had to be rolled back over onto her back by Mommy and Daddy? Yeah, that wasn't so awesome. And in addition to being not awesome, it also happened way too frequently last night.

For a long time now we hoped Kaylani would roll over from her back to belly. That meant that she achieved yet another developmental milestone, and we'd be happy. What we should have been hoping for was that Kaylani would roll over from back to belly during the day while she was playing. That way she wouldn't freak herself out and wake herself (and us) up in the middle of the night each time she did it. Little did we know that Kaylani is only a push over at night.

We've tried to let Kaylani figure out how to roll over from belly to back by herself at night. I mean, we know she can do it (we even have proof from several months back caught on video tape). But whatever the reason is, she won't do it regularly at night. Some of it probably has to do with the fact that she's tired and was in the middle of a nice dream before she woke up with her face flat on the bed, and the other part of it might be how her arm gets trapped underneath her. But whatever the reason she can't or won't roll over is, it does mean that Mommy or Daddy have to help out.

The first time it happened last night, Mommy went in and rolled her over. After a few minutes of crying, Kaylani fell back asleep. Less than 30 minutes later Kaylani was back on her belly. This time, it was Daddy's turn so in he went and pushed, I mean rolled, Kaylani back over. Back to bed, and back to sleep. This happened about 3 more times during the night, and all 3 times were handled by Mommy because Daddy is a deep sleeper.

I feel bad that I don't hear the monitor. I feel even worse when I ask Mommy if Kaylani woke up at all during the night (that's when I get the morning death stare for not hearing the monitor). But the way I look at it, Mommy is better at rolling Kaylani over. I mean, she's had years of practice pushing me back over to my side of the bed (I'm a close sleeper). And when I went through my snoring phase, she was constantly rolling me over onto my side so I'd shut up. So in a way, this isn't much different. But I'll still try and do my part. It's hard not to when Mommy rolls me out of bed anyways.

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