Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Get your hand out of my mouth

Kaylani's been chomping on her hand for awhile now, and it's kinda cute (except for the drool). But the part that is funny is when she wants us to chomp on her hand. She just sticks her hand right up in our mouth and expects us to chomp on it. Then she'll usually give out a little giggle and we'll do it all over again. Oh, and I forgot to mention that it drives Mommy crazy.

Apparently Mommy isn't a big fan of the Kaylani's hand in our mouth game. It's not because it's not fun or because it isn't cute. She isn't a fan because Kaylani does it while she's nursing, and that's when it becomes not cute and not fun. I mean, I personally still think it's both, but I guess it's annoying to Mommy. Let's find out why:

Daddy: Soooo, why do you find Kaylani's hand in your mouth so annoying?
Mommy: Ay, because! Somebody reaching for your face and blehhh and wanting to put her finger in my mouth. It's annoying! And I'm breastfeeding and it's annoying! If you did it, it'd be annoying too. And she does it everywhere! At home, in public, doesn't matter. All the time. So cut it out. Plus she scratches my face.

I was going to do that as a long interview session and write it as a back and forth conversation, but I haven't had a chance to ask anymore because Mommy is still going on about it (she's since added "it's just annoying! Look at her now!" and a few other things about facial cleanliness this late in the day).

I'm not convinced that I've taught her to do this to Mommy, and I think a large part of it is that she likes to hold on to something while she's nursing and Mommy's mouth just happens to be within her reach. But I get blamed for things like this. I just got blamed for teaching Kaylani to "blow bubbles" and the fact that Kaylani just spits bubbles all day. Luckily I'm used to getting blamed for things. And as long as putting Kaylani's hand in my mouth or blowing bubbles makes Kaylani happy, then I'll accept that blame anytime.

For now, I'm going to go take Kaylani's hand out of Mommy's mouth so she can finish nursing and go to sleep. You can take a look at the last couple of days of pictures in the meantime. And after that, this guy is officially on a 1 day vacation so he can head up to the new Yankee Stadium for the home opener. Maybe next year I'll take Kaylani with me.


Danika said...

BTW - the mouth will eventually get replaced with's the only thing that will get Sloan to sleep.

JonnyTam13 said...

Ha, she is already obsessed with my watch when I'm holding her. Luckily both of us rarely wear our rings when we're putting her to sleep.