Friday, April 3, 2009

The Long Cryway

Its 7:30pm right now and we're on our way to Boston. Well, I guess I can't say we're on our way since we're actually stopped somewhere in Bloomfield (about an hour away from home). This is our 2nd stop of the trip, and what a trip its been.

We left the house promptly at 6 and the GPS told us we would roll into Boston at 10:35pm. Our GPS is a liar. They should make a GPS that takes into account babies (or even one for people with small bladders). Our GPS right now says our arrival time would be 11:08pm, but that's only going to go up since we're stopped.

Kaylani's nursing right now and we're hoping she'll fall asleep during or shortly after. If she wasn't overtired when we left, she surely must be by now after over an hour straight of that adorable crying. Only time will tell, and unfortunately, all we have tonight is time. But now, its time to get in gear. We're just hoping it'll stay in gear for the next 3 hours.

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