Monday, April 6, 2009

Opening Day!

Today is one of Daddy's favorite days...Opening Day for the Yankees! It normally comes after a very long and cold winter where we're stuck inside, but this year, the offseason wasn't too bad. I mean, from a waiting from baseball perspective it was bad, but Kaylani was around to keep us busy for the last 5 months. And now that baseball is back, Daddy got to live out a lifelong dream of his.

Ever since I started thinking about being a Dad (which was sometime around the age of 17...I know, I'm odd), I couldn't wait to watch baseball with my own kid. So finally, 11 years later, my dream came true. When I got home from work, I quickly changed into my Yankees T-shirt so I could match Kaylani's cute little Yankees outfit that Mommy put her in appropriately this morning. Feeling like we were dressed for the occasion, it was baseball time!

Normally Kaylani isn't allowed to watch TV, or at least not much of it, but not surprisingly, Daddy made an exception for Yankees baseball. So with her sitting on the couch and me laying across her, we watched the game together. She actually behaved real well and watched quietly along with me. It's hard to say if she was interested in the game or was just relishing her time in front of the magic box. Either way, Daddy was okay with it.

Anyways, baseball season is here finally and I couldn't be more excited. You can bet Kaylani and Daddy will spend quite a bit of Daddy-Daughter time parked in front of a TV somewhere watching the game, and maybe even at the new Stadium later in the year since I renewed my season tickets. But for now, it's time for Daddy to turn off the radio so Kaylani can finish nursing and go to sleep.

Today's game didn't quite turn out the way we wanted to, but when you have a smiling baby as cute as Kaylani, it's hard to be upset even when the Yankees lose. Anyone who knows my passion for baseball will find it amazing that I can smile during a Yankees loss, but that's what Kaylani does to me. Check out these pictures of Kaylani and Daddy on Opening Day (and from our weekend in Boston in a separate album). I bet they'll make you smile matter who you're rooting for. Go Yanks!


Jay Ramirez said...

Go Red Sox!

JonnyTam13 said...

That's inappropriate...mainly because she'll be forced to curse at you, give you the finger, or dump a beer on you, and I'd rather she didn't...yet.