Friday, April 10, 2009


I've been alone with Kaylani for an hour or two all by myself before. And usually during that hour or two, Kaylani would sleep and I would sit and watch TV. It was a pretty sweet life. But today, I had Kaylani for 3 hours by myself. And those 3 hours happened to stretch from the end of one nap time straight through dinner. All in all, it wasn't so bad.

As a little treat for Mommy, we decided that once Daddy got home from work she would go get her hair cut (and colored). Kaylani had been sleeping for about an hour by the time I got home so the plan was to wake her up and let her nurse before we lost Mommy. And just like anyone waking up when they're not ready to, she cried. Not off to the best start.

She ended up nursing just fine so it was the beginning of Daddy-Daughter time, and this time, we didn't have our safety net. The first 20 minutes or so were spent wrapping up some loose ends from work while Kaylani laid on the bed next to my desk and stared at me. Then, Kaylani spent about 20 minutes in her exersaucer before she started to look pretty tired. I mean, she had been awake for almost a full hour by this point.

After Kaylani spent 20 minutes in her pack and play trying to fall asleep on her own (she didn't and screamed the whole time), Daddy gave up and moved her to her swing. She fell asleep instantly, which meant that Daddy could spend the next 1.5 hours finishing up his taxes and watching the Yankees game. That left about 30 minutes before Mommy would be home, so we started cooking dinner (frozen pizza for Mommy, pre-seasoned salmon for Daddy, and barley cereal for Kaylani). When Mommy got home, dinner was almost ready, and Kaylani was almost done eating. Everything looked great...especially Mommy's hair!

So Daddy's first real shot at babysitting alone went as well as it could have. Part of me thinks that it's because we have the easiest baby ever, but the other part of me thinks that it was all a ploy between Mommy and Kaylani so that Mommy could leave us alone more often. I'm okay with either right now, but whenever Kaylani has one of her bad days and we don't have our safety net, we're going to need a Daddysitter for Daddy the babysitter. Any volunteers?

Even if you don't want to Daddysit, check out these pictures from the last couple of days. And don't forget to check back over the weekend. I'm sure we'll have some great pictures from Easter!

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