Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sleep-rolling through the night

You always wonder what parents consider "the night" when they say "my (insert child's name here) slept through the night last night!" Everyone has their own definition of "the night", with most people considering thigns like 12am-6am as "the night." Well last night, Kaylani slept through the night. And trust me, Mommy and Daddy have a much longer definition of "the night."

Kaylani was asleep by 8pm last night on the dot. Every night before Mommy goes to bed, she counts off 4 hours and assumes that's when Kaylani will wake up. So when we crawled into bed at 11pm, Mommy said "9, 10, 11, 12am...that's when she'll be up." I'm not exactly sure why Mommy does that since Kaylani averages closer to 6 hours, but it's never good to set expectations too high, especially when not meeting those expectations means waking up 2 hours earlier than expected. So anyways, 12am came and went, and Mommy was still sleeping.

Mommy woke up a few times after midnight just to take a peek at Kaylani and each time she found her fast asleep still. It wasn't until 5am that Mommy and Daddy both woke up to the sounds of baby talk. She wasn't crying so we let her be and laid in bed trying to fall back asleep. It wasn't until Mommy took a closer look at the monitor that we realized Kaylani was on her belly!

To our knowledge, Kaylani has only rolled over onto her belly once, and that was a week ago. And that time, she cried after a few minutes of being on her belly, and it was around 8am so Mommy just picked her up. This time, we stared at her on her belly reaching out for her bumpers and just talking to herself. After a few minutes, her head was down and she was still. Mommy, being the constant worrier, debated whether or not she should sneak a closer peek. Of course she ended up going in and sure enough, Kaylani was asleep, on her belly, for the very first time (again, to our knowledge).

As exciting as it was, Daddy went back to sleep. Mommy however stayed staring at the monitor to make sure that she could react in case Kaylani needed us. Around 6am, she woke Daddy up and said "she rolled back over!" to which the response was an incomprehensible grunt of approval. Around 7:30am, Kaylani gave her "wake up cry" and we knew it was time.

In total, Kaylani spent 11.5 hours in her crib before she got out. Our best guess is that she slept approximately 11 of them, which blows away her previous 9.75 straight hours of sleep she accomplished just about a month ago. So no matter whose definition of "slept through the night" you use, I'm pretty sure that Kaylani's sleep last night would hold up. Let's just hope she sleeps through the night again tonight. Or to avoid any confusion, let's hope she sleeps 11-12 hours tonight. It's best she gets it in now before her teeth start coming in. I've heard that's when it all goes down the diaper genie.

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