Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Love Triangle

For an almost 5 month old, Kaylani sure has a lot of clothes. Sure they're all different, but there are certain things that jump out when you look at her. For example, a large portion of her clothes are pink or purple, or there's the fact that most of her clothes have flowers or animals on them. But there's one other thing that jumps out at me, and it's that one thing that gets to me just a little bit.

I'm very proud of the "Daddy's Little Girl" onesie that she has. Actually, I'm very proud of all the "Daddy" clothes that she has, and even made it a point to buy a bunch of them myself before she was born and even after. But it wasn't until recently that I noticed something about her "Daddy" clothes. In addition to "Daddy's Little Girl", her other outfits and bibs all say "Daddy Loves Me." Now, that's cute and all, and very true, but all the "Mommy" outfits say "I Love Mommy."

So if I was to evaluate Kaylani's feelings solely through her clothes, it would be that Daddy loves her, and she loves Mommy. I love the fact that she loves Mommy, but how about a little love for Daddy? I pour my heart and soul into this little girl and she knows it since it's written right there on her clothes, but all her love apparently goes to Mommy. That's cangrejo (oh by the way, cangrejo in Spanish is "crab", but Mommy used to think the English expression "that's crap" was actually "that's crab", so now we use it that way instead)!

I made this revelation about a week ago, and I guess I made enough of a point of it for Mommy to go out and do something about it. So when I came home from work today, I was pleasantly surprised to see Kaylani wearing an "I Love Daddy" outfit! Here I was thinking that they didn't exist, but apparently we just weren't looking in the right places. Or maybe Mommy was conveniently not finding them while we were out. Either way, she now has 2 of the "I Love Daddy" outfits that should last at least 3 months.

Anyways, we're getting ready to get away for the weekend so make sure you look at pictures from the last couple of days. And you can be sure that there will be pictures of Kaylani's "I Love Daddy" outfit in this batch, and many more to come.

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Rina said...

Ha! We've been sorta trying to watch our language in front of Conner so his first word won't swear word or something. I've been saying "Holy Crab!" a lot. ;)