Sunday, April 12, 2009

Funny Bunny

We've tried to buy Kaylani a new outfit for each holiday that comes and goes, even though we know we'll only use it once. So when Easter rolled around we went out and got Kaylani an outfit. Actually, we got her two since they were on sale (we just bought them yesterday). The first one was her "normal" outfit which was a simple onesie that said "I love the Easter bunny." Cute, practical, normal, maybe even resuable. The other outfit was more for Mommy and Daddy than it was for Kaylani.

Her other outfit was a full bunny costume, or what Daddy referred to as "hilarious." Before we saw the bunny outfit, Mommy had bought a set of bunny ears thinking that might be enough. But Mommy didn't quite understand how much Daddy wanted to dress Kaylani up. After all, if you're only going to wear an outfit once, you might as well WEAR it once. So first thing in the morning we put Kaylani in her bunny outfit and headed outside.

It was 8am and Daddy and Kaylani posed for a few pictures. Mommy, still in her pajamas, snapped away, and then hid behind trees, columns, or doors whenever cars drove by (kinda funny to watch). Then we took a ton of pictures with Kaylani the Easter Bunny inside with all of her Easter eggs (of the plastic variety).

The rest of the day consisted of some errands during Daddy-Daughter time, Church, nap time, family picture time outside (I sure do love my camera remote still), then dinner with Auntie Danika and family. Watching Darby and Sloan run around looking for Easter eggs sure did make me realize just how little Kaylani still is. At 5 months, we think she's all grown up already, but it's time to slow down and just enjoy Kaylani's first Easter. So sit back, relax, and enjoy with us by looking at these pictures. It's probably the only way you'll be able to see Kaylani in a bunny outfit...well, this bunny outfit at least. Happy Easter!

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