Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baby Tour - PR Style!

Contrary to everything we've done since we got here, the main reason we came to PR was to introduce Kaylani to her Puerto Rican familia. So after a day and a half of relaxing at the Beach House, it was time to load everyone in the minivan and head West.

We left the apartment at 10am, or 2 hours after we took Kaylani out of her pack and play (or 2.5 hours after she woke up and started talking to herself). It worked out perfectly in our head and Kaylani was going to take her morning nap during the 1.5 hour drive to our first stop. We're so naïve sometimes....

Of course Kaylani didn't sleep for any considerable amount of time during the ride. Part of the reason was that she could look at all types of new things, including Primita Alisha. The other part of the reason was that she could not only look, but interact with Alisha (and vice-versa). And another reason she didn't sleep was that when we passed through a tunnel, trucks and cars in PR apparently find it fun to honk at each other as a means of communication, especially in tunnels.

So stop 1 was in Vega Alta, and Kaylani got to smile and talk to Tio Daniel and Titi Leo. Stop 2 was in Vega Baja where Kaylani met Bisa-abuela (her Great Grandma), Titi Lydia, and Tio Frank. She also had her first encounter with a perro (although she didn't touch Cici and Cici didn't touch her). After a quick 20 minute nap in Daddy's arms (and a quick drink of fresh homemade jugo de toronja by Daddy), we were back on the road. Stop 3 was in Vega Alta at una casa de la amiga de Titi Glenda, and stop 4 was back in Vega Baja at Titi Lucy's.

Stop 4 was Daddy's favorite since we had lunch there which consisted of arroz con jamon y salchicha, ensalada de coditos, pernil (with fresh limon from a tree right outside), and even a homemade rum cake that we had for Titi Glenda's birthday (feliz cumpleanos Titi Glenda)! I think stop 4 was Kaylani's favorite too because it was there that she got to take a 2 hour 3pm! It was also where she met Titi Julie, Titi Santa, Primos Efrencito and Julio, and his 6 week old baby who weighs 11lbs 6oz already! Then, it was one last stop in Vega Alta to meet Titi Margo and Tio Dioni.

So, if you were able to follow that, Kaylani went from Loiza to Vega Alta, Vega Baja, Vega Alta, Vega Baja, Vega Alta before getting back to Loiza about 30 minutes ago. She did great today and showed everyone her smile and even a giggle mixed in. Most of the people said she was a perfect mix of us, but I think Mommy may have left out the "she looks like Daddy" part when she translated.

Anyways, that wraps up day 3 for Kaylani in PR. Tomorrow we'll bring Kaylani out to the pool again, and Tio Pritesh will arrive too so that's it for now. Kaylani needs to get some much needed rest, and Mommy and Daddy need to have dinner. We might not actually need dinner since we ate a ton at lunch, but that's why its called a vacation, right?

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