Monday, March 30, 2009

Baby's First Haircut

Daddy finally gave in last night. I fought hard and made plenty of excuses over the past few weeks to postpone the inevitable, but it was just that, inevitable. Just like always, Mommy won. But at least this time, Daddy got to experience another Kaylani first!

It was finally time for Kaylani's first haircut, and we made the decision to do it at home. Mommy had a tiny pair of scissors with rounded points (not exactly sure what for) so we had the right equipment to get the job done. With her Bumbo set up on our ottoman/coffee table, we had the right environment to get the job done. And with the Backyardigans on the TV, we had the right distractions/entertainment to get the job done. All we needed was the right customer, and we definitely had that.

After getting Kaylani's hair a little wet and brushing it all down, we sat her in the Bumbo, pumped up the volume on the TV, and got to work (and by we, I mean Mommy of course). For the first few snips, she actually behaved pretty well (Kaylani and Mommy). It was when we got to the sides that she started to get a bit fussy (Kaylani and Mommy again). It's hard to say if she (Kaylani) was fussy because we were snipping her hair, or because she actually doesn't like sitting in her Bumbo, or she doesn't like the Backyardigans, or if she didn't like the fact that Mommy was cutting her hair unevenly. Just kidding...well, kinda.

Mommy did originally cut her hair a little bit unevenly. Actually, it wasn't really uneven, but more like a tail in the back. It looked pretty cool, except for the fact that it wasn't the 90's. We eventually got everything under control when Daddy started playing the clown, which wasn't too far away from normal I guess. So we wrapped it up, made a few last snips, and then it was all over. After weeks and weeks of stalling, all it took was 15 minutes to cut an inch of hair off the sides and the back before Kaylani's first hair cut was done.

All in all I'd say it went pretty well. Kaylani, of course, looks beautiful as usual (although I must say she looks just a little bit more like a boy, but Mommy promises it will grow back). Maybe next time we'll take Kaylani to Snip-It's, but after hearing about cousin Connor's $42 hair cut (granted it was in Manhattan), we decided to do it ourselves and couldn't be happier with the results. But hey, you be the judge. Check out pictures from Kaylani's first haircut and from the last couple of days. Enjoy!


Rina said...

FYI Those scissors are for sewing. :) And I can't believe someone paid $42 for a baby haircut!!! Did you save a lock?

JonnyTam13 said...

Sewing eh? Who knew! And yeah, $42 is what happens when you get a kids haircut in Manhattan. Good thing my brother is rich. Or used to be before the $42 haircut and his latest stop at Starbucks. Zing!