Friday, March 27, 2009

Bouncy Baby

Tiggers like to bounce. We all know that. What I'm unsure of is whether or not Kaylani is a Tigger. Early results seem to indicate that she is, but I'm hoping the verdict is still out. I don't mind that Kaylani likes to bounce. In fact, I think it's pretty damn cute when she her jumparoo. It's the fact that she likes to bounce everywhere that struck me as different.

We went out to dinner with Makayla (and Dorothy and Tom of course) tonight, and we couldn't help but notice the difference in mannerisms between Kaylani and Makayla. Makayla is 6 weeks older than Kaylani, and far better behaved in public. Actually, that's not fair. Both Kaylani and Makayla didn't have any sort of meltdown tonight, so "better behaved" isn't the right comparison. "More calm" I guess is what I meant to say.

We were at dinner for just about 2 hours, and for the first 1.5 hours, Makayla sat in her carseat playing by herself with her toys or looking around. By comparison, Kaylani only spent the first 20 minutes doing the same. For the rest of the time, Kaylani was in our arms bouncing up and down and looking all around us and the restaurant. It's like she was listening to the cheer "stand up, sit down, fight fight fight!" and instead of clapping or cheering along, she was going through the motions. And the whole time, Makayla sat in her carseat or in Tom's lap and stared at Kaylani (or tried to eat her own foot).

Now, since Kaylani was well behaved, I don't want to seem like I'm complaining because I'm not. It just struck me how different babies can be from one another. I mean, I've obviously known that babies are different from one another, but what makes one baby so active and the other so calm? I can't help but think that we influenced this personality somehow by the amount we used to rock her, sway her, and swing her. Did all that movement get engrained in her head so much that she loves to move? Or maybe it's just the fact that she's half Puerto Rican. That's my other explanation.

Whatever it is, she's an active little baby, and she's not even mobile yet. I guess we better get used to her activeness now, because if we don't, we're gonna be in for quite the shock when she gets older. And to make sure we're living in the moment, here are pictures to round out week 20. Enjoy looking at my little girl. I know I do!

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