Thursday, March 19, 2009

Burp Baby Burp

When it's just family around, Daddy may let loose a burp or two right at the dinner table. I know it's kinda rude (even if it is just family), but the way I look at it, I'm helping Kaylani. Mommy disagrees with me of course, but if you really think about it, burping after eating is exactly what we need Kaylani to learn. And since burping Kaylani has been taking longer and longer, it can't hurt to show her the way, right?

Kaylani's never been the best burper. Even when she was first born, it would take us several minutes to get a good burp out of her after she nursed or took a bottle (you know, back when she used to take the bottle). It didn't matter if we did the sit and burp, the over the shoulder and burp, the airplane burp, or the give her Mylicon and burp because there wasn't any special way we could get her to burp quickly. Sometimes she wouldn't burp until Daddy took her, and sometimes she wouldn't burp until she went with Mommy. But now, neither of us seem to have the magic touch.

They say breastfed babies don't need to burp as much as bottle fed babies because there's less air involved. That'd be comforting if breastfed babies didn't have to burp at all. At least then we wouldn't worry if she was okay because she didn't burp. Instead, we are always left with some uncertainty if she'll be alright when she doesn't burp. Is she going to wake up in an hour because she didn't burp? Is she going to spit up instead of burp once we put her down? Do we really have to wake her up to burp her since she probably won't burp anyways?

I'm not even sure at what age we can stop burping her. Sometimes she'll burp on her own just sitting there (like she did right now). Does that mean she can control her own gas? I doubt it since I know certain 33 year olds that can't control their own gas. Mommy just burped herself while she was nursing Kaylani, so unless she wants to be a hypocrite, I think Daddy just got the green light to keep burping at the dinner table (even though she claims it's different because we're not at the dinner table). But hey, Daddy's little girl has to learn somehow, right?

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