Friday, March 20, 2009

Is it Spring yet?

Today was Kaylani's first day of Spring ever (although for some reason I always thought Spring started on the 21st). Luckily for her, she probably had no expectations of what Spring typically means. In a few years, she'll probably expect Spring to be warmer, sunnier, and at the very least, less snowy. But since this is her first year and she has no expectations, then she probably wasn't disappointed when she woke up and saw snow on the ground (likely because she probably didn't even notice it).

Come to think of it, Kaylani probably thinks Spring is colder than winter. After all, in her first winter, she's been to Orlando and Puerto Rico, both which were considerably warmer than her first day of Spring. But soon she'll learn how great Spring actually is and why it's Daddy's favorite season. Once Spring actually comes (maybe it does start on the 21st), we'll get to do all types of things with Kaylani that we couldn't in the winter (in NJ), and that's what Mommy and Daddy are excited about.

Not only will Kaylani get to watch day after day of baseball games with Daddy (which is why it's his favorite season), but she'll also get to go for walks in the park, play outside in the grass, touch the grass, maybe even eat the grass (only if she catches us off guard). She'll get to wear short sleeves and short pants everyday instead of just when we're in PR (which won't be for awhile again). And it's possible she'll even get to spend some more time in her big Graco stroller since she hasn't done that very often up until now (as long as we don't buy the MacClaren we've got our eyes on first that is).

So hopefully this cold weather will be gone as quickly as the 1/2" of snow that was on the ground this morning. Because once it's gone, it's time to experience the great outdoors, and that's an experience that we all can't wait to have. So happy Spring to everyone! If you're looking for something to do, feel free to come visit Kaylani. We'll be outside waiting for you, weather permitting of course!


Tommy said...

I thought you enjoyed baseball in October the most!

JonnyTam13 said...

*Grumble* I haven't had to watch October baseball very much lately... *grumble*