Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Road to PR - "Live!"

For the first time here on The Daddy Diaries (or anywhere actually), I'm going to keep a running log of the day...starting now. I figure this might be easier then sitting down to actually write tonight, so here we go!

Monday, March 9:

9:05pm - Daddy just got home from baseball practice. It was a good time, but not exactly what I needed the night before vacation (mainly because I still have to pack). Word on the street says Kaylani fell asleep 20 minutes ago. My schedule had her asleep by 7:30. My schedule is a liar. Oh well, its time to pack.

9:35pm - Done! Suitcases are all closed up and it's still early! Let's go sneak in some TV before bed!

10:40pm - Mommy and Daddy decided to watch Chuck instead of 24. Its almost 11 and I'm now convinced that neither was the right choice.

Tuesday, March 10:

12:15am - Kaylani started doing her cry/sleep around 30 minutes ago. Mommy heard it first. Daddy didn't wake up until about 10 minutes ago. I'd like to say Kaylani was happy to see me, but freaking out and crying when I went in there doesn't count as happy. Either way, she's back asleep now and I'm writing this blog. What's wrong with me?

3:40am - I'm up, I'm up, and only after one snooze. Mommy tried to negotiate a later flight in exchange for a few more hours of sleep, but it didn't work, mainly because she was negotiating with herself (and she's not very good at either side of a negotiation).

4:05am - We're showered and ready to go, and Kaylani is starting to move (which is good since she's sideways with her head up against the crib railing). Let's get this party started!

4:30am - Car's packed, and Daddy is ready to go. Kaylani told me to relax and let her finish nursing. How rude!

4:50am - Kaylani's asleep in her car seat. Everything is going according to plan!

4:53am - And she's wide awake. Stupid garage door. That's okay, she likes to sleep in the car. Let's roll!

6:04am - We made it to PHL, and found a nice spot right near the elevator. Time to unload and get to ticketing!

6:15am - And we're back in the car. Apparently US Airways thinks San Juan counts as an International flight. Umm...hello? US territory seems to imply domestic to me! Oh, by the way, Kaylani's awake and its questionable if she ever slept in the car.

6:40am - And we're through security at the right terminal! Kaylani's been doing great. She's flashing smiles at everyone. If she could kiss herself, she could run for President.

7:04am - They just called First Class boarding so its time to hop on the plane...because pre-boarding is right after First Class. Not sure anyone in First Class would have wanted us, but I guess that's a Moo point. You know, like a cow's opinion. It's Moo.

7:30am - Planes getting kinda full and we made the mistake of pre-boarding. So instead of going to the bathroom to change Kaylani, we're gonna do it right here at our seats. Sure hope its just pee...

7:45am - We're away from the gate and Kaylani is nursing. Let's get airborne! And yes, it was only pee. I'm sure the guy sitting next to us was more thankful than we were.

7:50am - Kaylani is practically asleep, and apparently we're 9th in line for take off. Doh!

8:01am - NOW we're airborne! We made the decision to wake Kaylani up so she could nurse during take-off (which saves her little ears). Part 1 of the plan worked. Part 2 which is getting her back to sleep, has not yet.

8:30am - Finally, she's asleep! It took a whole lot of in-seat swaying and rocking, but Daddy did it. The transfer from Daddy's arms to the pillow on Mommy's lap went perfectly too!

9am - Mommy's decided Kaylani's neck/head are in a funny position. It's Daddy's job to move her. No good can come of this.

9:02am - Annnnnd she's up. Mommy claims it had nothing to do with the head move. Sure is quite the coincidence though...

9:20am - Pooooooop! Here we were thinking she was being so good and just sitting there playing with her feet. Mommy was the unlucky one with her hand supporting her butt. Its still unclear how bad it is, but after further investigation, there's no poop on Mommy's hand. That's the good news. The bad news is that the guy on the aisle (I'm going to call him Jose from here on out) is sleeping. Poor Jose is gonna get woken up AND a whiff of poop as we pass by.

9:35am - We were seconds away from changing her right at our seats when Jose woke up. That meant Daddy got to change her instead. After walking to the back lavatories which had no changing table, we went up front and changed there. Daddy had no problems once he picked up the diaper and wipes container off the floor (smooooth). And apparently Kaylani almost hit her head when Daddy was getting out of the row. Who knew? Well Kaylani is trying to grab my finger (or my Blackberry) and Mommy is shaking Kaylani's drool onto me, so that's it for now.

10:22am - She's finally back asleep in my arms. Been about 30 minutes since I've been able to move my left arm. I'm tired of typing with one hand. And my leg itches. And my arm hurts. Mommy has NO idea how much this hurts (she always rolls her eyes at me when I say that). Oh crap, she's

11:04am - Yep, she woke up. She's been playing for the last 30 min and now she's nursing as we prepare to land. Just to make sure we remembered her, she's pooping again. That's 3 flights in her lifetime, and 6 in-air poops for those of you keeping count. People around me are clapping so that means we've landed. For those of you who find it weird, it happens on any flight with Puerto Ricans aboard.

11:32am - Some random Puerto Rican lady just took Kaylani's picture with her cell phone while we waited for our bags. Turns out her daughter wants to buy a Baby Bjorn so she wanted to show her what it looked like (Mommy's wearing Kaylani right now)

12:17pm - Daddy's got the rental minivan and Titi Glenda, and Primitos Alsiha and Rohan are loaded into the car. Kaylani's next, but first we need to stop her from crying since Mommy just bumped her head into the roof. And things were going so well. Nice one Mommy!

12:50pm - We've arrived at Abuela's house and are happy to report that Kaylani has been napping for 20 minutes! Hopefully she'll nap a bit longer than that....like 2 hours longer. But for us, its time to eat arroz y carne guisada on the porch. Great food and great weather. Mmmmmm!

12:52pm - Aaaand she's awake. Not surprised she didn't last 5 minutes with Abuela lurking around!

1:51pm - It's finally time for a...MELTDOWN! Kaylani's had enough for today and we're still not quite at our end destination. Hopefully she'll take a real nap sometime soon before she gets captured again. Not much I can do to help since I've been told "no toca" several times already. Apparently she's not my baby when there's family around.

3:45pm - We made it to the Beach House in Loiza and Kaylani is still sleeping after the 50 minute drive (although we're unsure if she slept the entire time since we're without our baby car mirror). Now its time to unload all the cars. I wonder if she'll stay asleep for another hour. But damn this place looks nice! Wonder how much I can get a place here for. "Kaylani" might like a yearly winter vacation here...

5:23pm - Kaylani's been sleeping for about 2.5 hours now. I know she hasn't slept all day, but I'm kinda wondering if this is going to affect the night sleep. Oh well, I've had 2 rum and cokes since we finished unpacking around 4:30, so I guess its no big deal!

7:39pm - We just got back from a long walk around the complex and got Kaylani ready for bed. Its been a LONG day (almost as long as this post), and now its time to call it a night. Well, Mommy and Daddy are gonna eat dinner and have a beer or three, but this is it for Kaylani.

8:01pm - Daddy just finished reading Mommy todays post. For all of you who followed along the entire day, I thank you for reading. For those of you who skipped around and just came to the end, nice work! And for those of you who don't read this, I just wasted a few more seconds of my life addressing you. Daddy out from PR!


Mayte said...

I am glad you guys had a safe trip! Keep having fun & looking forward to more stories :)

Rina said...

Russians clap too.