Monday, March 16, 2009

Baby's First Feeding

Today, Kaylani took one giant step forward in her development milestones and had her first taste of food ever. Her bib, clothes, chin, and neck had their first feel of food ever too, and it's probably safe to say they felt more food than Kaylani actually ate. But that was to be expected so we pressed onwards. Once the media circus was ready (video camera on tripod, camera on remote standby), we began.

For Kaylani's first food of "choice," Daddy made her a nice helping of Gerber Single Grain Cereal mixed with breastmilk. I'm not entirely convinced that I did it right since it came out pretty watery, but I followed the directions as closely as possible. So instead of the solid consistency that we were expecting, Kaylani got a semi-solid, mostly liquid, bowl of "cereal" to munch on. Or at least that's what she got to push out of her mouth.

Kaylani's been staring at us and our food at dinnertime for awhile now, so we know she's been waiting to try her own food. She even opens her mouth if she's in your lap when you're trying to eat. So it was no surprise to us that she opened her mouth real wide when we brought the spoon to her mouth for the very first time. Daddy had the honor of Kaylani's first spoonful of food, so he had a front row seat of the food going in, and then coming right back out. Spoon #2 went the same way, but I think she might have taken some of it that time.

On and on we went. Soon it was Mommy's turn and she did a bit better because she's mastered the spoon and re-spoon technique (that's where you put the food in her mouth, then quickly move the spoon back to catch the food on its way out, and do it again and again until either she's swallowed the food, or it's splattered all over her face/neck/bib that there's no more left).

Overall, I'd say she did pretty damn well for her first time with food. She had almost 2 ounces of milk mixed in with 1 tablespoon of cereal in her bowl, and she probably ate 90% of it. The other 10% got spilled down her face into her bib when we gave her what was left in the bowl just for kicks. We'll try again tomorrow at dinner, and the next day after that too with rice cereal and hopefully she'll get the hang of it sooner rather than later. I hope it's sooner, because the sooner she gets the hang of it, then the sooner we can try new and more exciting foods!

Check out pictures from our feeding adventure today, and also pictures from Puerto Rico! We had over 600 pictures to choose from, but I think I picked 60 that cover the week pretty well. And come back tomorrow for videos from Kaylani's first feeding adventure. I'm sure they'll give a much better idea of how it went!

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