Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Tortoise and the Hair

When I was growing up, one of the stories that I (and probably many of you) heard was about the Tortoise and the Hare. Of course, the moral of the story was that slow and steady wins the race. Some may say that it's too early to teach Kaylani lessons like that, and they may be right, but I think that lesson is going to come to an end soon.

Kaylani was born with a full head of hair. We were told that it would fall out after a couple of weeks, or maybe after a couple of months, but to date, the only hair that she's missing is her little bald spot in the back (which must be Yea Yea's influence....hehehe). Seeing her hair grow and grow has been kinda driving Mommy a bit nuts. It's not that Mommy doesn't want her to have a lot of hair, but to Mommy, Kaylani's hair is a bit wild. And for months now, Mommy has been trying to convince Daddy to help her cut Kaylani's hair. This is where Daddy has played the role of the tortoise. He's convinced that slow and steady, which means not cutting her hair, is the right way to go.

Well Daddy's days away from losing this battle. Mommy's argument reached the tipping point while we were in PR. If you've seen the pictures, one of the things you'll notice is how curly Kaylani's hair was while we were there. Of course the humidity played a role in that, but it did make her hair look a bit unruly. Now that we're back North, Kaylani's hair has straightened out again, but it's not any less unruly. And it's because of this that Daddy is going to lose the battle.

Mommy's (and Abuela's) other argument for cutting Kaylani's hair is that it will grow back stronger and faster, and lead to more beautiful hair as she gets older. It's even an Indian tradition to shave all children's heads completely when they turn one year old so that it grows back even stronger afterwards. As compelling of a tradition that may sound like, Mommy and Daddy won't be going that far since Daddy is still holding out on a slight trim.

The fact that Kaylani is only 4.5 months old is only one of my concerns. I actually have a ton of questions that run through my head each time the topic comes up. Does she really need a haircut? Are the ends of her hair really thin? And why does Daddy keep saying she has split ends instead of just thin hair on the ends? And honestly, who's going to cut her hair so that it looks good? What happens if she moves during her hair cut and we cut her head off?

Okay, so maybe all of Daddy's questions aren't actually valid, but it's still something that I'm not rushing to do. But like most things since Daddy met Mommy, Daddy doesn't have the final say and it looks like the end of the ends of Kaylani's hair will come this weekend. Maybe if I play the tortoise just a little bit longer, I can drag this out, but I'm pretty sure that the hair is going to win this race.


Mayte said...

It her hair too long on her face that she can't see? Whatever you guys decide as a couple just please don't try to cut her the hair at home take her to a professional it safer that way :)!

Mayte said...

Sorry you guys I didn’t meant to over step on my comment!:)

Rina said...

I took Conner to my hair dresser at 3 months b/c his long hair was driving me nuts. I recently tried trimming it on my own and even though I've been cutting Harris' hair for like 8 years....I messed it up. Not real bad, but I definitely don't want to set a presedence of bad home haircuts. Definitely go to someone!! That way she can sit in one of your laps, and the other can take photos. :) You're asian! You can't argue w/ photos!