Saturday, March 14, 2009

Some Fun in the Sun

Babies aren't supposed to be out in the sun. I mean, they should get some sun, but they shouldn't be OUT in the sun. Up North, that hasn't been much of a problem for us. But down in PR, it's a different story.

Tomorrow we fly home, so in essence, today was our last day in PR. Between the weather and our baby tour on Thursday, there hasn't been much time to "take sun" for either Mommy or Daddy. So today was our last chance to do that too and it turned out to be a perfect day for it. Not only was the sun shining bright, but we had a few friends coming over for Titi Glenda's birthday party.

The plan was for everyone to come over for lunch, and then we would head to the pool before dinner. Unfortunately, Kaylani's naps didn't quite work with that timing. She woke up on the early side for her (6:30am), took nap #1 right at 8:30, and when she woke up at 10:30, she was ready to go. By the time Titi Astrid, Tio Juanky, and Emma showed up, it was close to 12:30pm, and Kaylani probably could have taken nap #2, but we headed to the beach for 30 minutes instead (and got some great photos)!

Nap #2 only ended up being 30 minutes, so when lunch was over and it was time to go to the pool, Kaylani was ready for nap #3 (or nap #2.5). That meant someone had to stay behind, and that someone ended up being Mommy. Mommy was looking forward to taking some sun, but when it came down to it, making sure Kaylani took a good nap was more important. So instead of taking any sun, she stayed in the apartment with Titi Mayra Lee, Andrea, and some other family friends.

Daddy spent over 2 hours by the pool, but to be clear, he was helping watch/play with Primita Alisha and Emma, and not just relaxing with a beer while getting a nice tan (and not just because they didn't allow beer in the pool area). I still think Mommy looks great, but if you're wondering why Daddy looks so much darker (pictures coming tomorrow), that's the reason why (and the fact that he tans better). But don't worry, I'll make it up to Mommy next vacation. She can spend more time in the sun and I'll stay in and watch Kaylani. I'll still get a better tan anyways!

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