Monday, March 2, 2009

She's Pregnant!

Before anyone freaks out (or before I do), let me start off by saying Mommy is NOT pregnant again. But, today is the one year anniversary of the day we found out that she was pregnant with Kaylani. To be exact, it's been one year and 13 hours since we found out.

I remember the day extremely well because it was the day that my life officially changed. It ranks up there with the day that Mommy agreed to marry me, the day she married me, and of course the day Kaylani was born. But there were two things that made this day all the more memorable to me.

First of all, it was only 2 days after Mommy had come back from a week long trip to Puerto Rico that she took by herself. It was a long trip that had Daddy remembering why he got married in the first place because having to cook for himself and be alone in the apartment was not his idea of a good time (although Bat Bat and Auntie Shannon did cook for him a few days).

Secondly, and more memorably, was the way Mommy decided to tell Daddy that she was pregnant. Here it is, as I remember it. I could back fill details from Mommy's side of it, but this isn't "The Mommy Diaries" (just kidding Mommy). But seriously, I'm not going to back fill detials. Anyways, let's take a trip back in time, to one year and 13 hours ago.

It was just past 7am on Sunday morning. Daddy was sleeping soundly in bed all warm and cozy. He had stayed up way too late watching bad TV the night before and was looking forward to laying in bed for a few hours in the morning with his wife who was finally home. But it wasn't meant to be.

All of a sudden, Daddy was awake. He wasn't quite sure what happened yet, but he did know something happened. He opened his eyes slowly, and blinked a few times but there was still only a blurry shape in front of him. His brain put together the fact that the blurry shape was Mommy, but it wasn't just Mommy. There was something else there too, and that something was right next to his face.

It wasn't just right next to his face. It was practically IN his face, no more than 3" from his eyes. It slowly came into focus, and when the message finally made it from his eyes to his brain and the realization of what he was staring at came to be, he sat straight up. He didn't even care (or process the fact) that a stick that Mommy peed on no more than 5 minutes ago was inches away from his face. Instead, a huge smile crept across his face and then he looked at Mommy clearly for the first time all morning.

Mommy was filled with tears and shaking as she stood next to the bed. Daddy tried to speak but no words would come out. He got out of bed, and said the first thing he could, which was "Really???" And when Mommy just nodded her head up and down, they hugged and shook together. They were going to have a baby! The little stick Mommy had been peeing on for a few months now (too much information?) finally didn't have the word "NOT" before it! She was pregnant!

Fast forward about 30 minutes and Mommy and Daddy were sitting on the couch of the living room waiting to see if the second pee stick would relay the same message. This time, Daddy would not have to have it inches from his face to find out that Mommy was indeed pregnant (although he would remind Mommy how gross that actually was in retrospect). And, like most parents, they snapped a few pictures off to document the moment. (Most expecting parents do this right? I mean, it's better then saving the stick, which we may have thought about but did not do). And they also came up with the nickname "Chicharron" for our little fetus since Mommy had just spent a week eating a whole lot of chicharron (fried pork skin) in Puerto Rico.

So that was us, one year ago to the day. From that day on, we were set down this wonderful path that has led us to where we are now with our beautiful little girl that we couldn't be happier with. For all you parents out there, feel free to tell your story of how you found out, or how you told your partner because I think every story is a good one. For example, Titi Glendalys told Tio Pritesh over IM while they were at work because she couldn't wait. I guess that's better then a pee stick in the face, but I still wouldn't trade my story for anything in the world.

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