Friday, March 13, 2009

Scattered Showers in PR

Anytime Daddy has looked at a weather forecast for PR, it always says the same thing: scattered showers. And unlike the Northeast, the forecast is always right. I don't think I've spent a day in PR where it hasn't rained at least a little bit and that's a good thing...usually.

I didn't look at the forecast today, but it might as well have said scattered sun instead of scattered showers. Needing to take advantage of our last days of vacation (and of course of the sun), we headed to the pool in the early afternoon. The sun and the end of Kaylani's nap were synced up perfectly too! Unfortunately, the water temperature was not.

I'm pretty sure Kaylani didn't enjoy her time in the pool today. I can't be sure, but I think that crying whenever she touched the water (or when Daddy put her barely touching the water fountain) means she didn't like it. We were just happy she got to experience it again though. And it turned out okay since the showers started up again after an hour (Kaylani was luckily back inside already).

And since Kaylani was all lathered up with sunblock, we had to give her a bath again tonight. Without her bath tub, bath time the last couple of nights has been nothing short of uncomfortable. So to mix it up, we decided to let Kaylani have her first shower. Having conveniently showered already earlier, Mommy let Daddy be the one to hop in and hold her. So Daddy put back on his bathing suit, and got a nice tight grip on Kaylani.

The tight grip was a nice starter, but a soapy Kaylani makes a tight grip a bit difficult. Also, the water pressure itself was a bit spotty and kept going in and out. I guess you could say Kaylani had a scattered shower! I know, I'm cheesy...

Anyways, day 4 in PR is just about over for Kaylani. For the rest of the night, Daddy is going to figure out how to get the pictures off of his camera and onto his camcorder with Tio Pritesh. Apparently a 2 GB memory card only lasts 3.5 days with us. Guess I shoulda seen that coming. Hopefully we'll find a way that let's me take them home and still take pictures for the next day and a half because the forecast tomorrow looks like fun in the sun (with scattered showers of course)m

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